Welcome to the Bigfoot Mountain Bike Club website!

If you’re looking to ride your mountain bike around Gloucestershire’s finest single track (and downhill trails and parks) then you have come to the right place. Our members know the area as if it was their own back yard; which isn’t far from the truth. We love the trails we ride, and feel VERY fortunate to have ALL THIS on our doorstep.

Benefits of being Bigfoot member

  • Local knowledge of Gloucestershire’s finest single track including Cranham, Leckhampton, Standish, Selsley, Painswick, Stinchcombe, Cleeve Hill, North Nibley, Sheepscombe and the Forest of Dean.
  • Regular Tuesday night XC rides, Wednesday night jumpy sessions and weekend rides. Please take a look at our ride calendar/guide
  • A colour coded ride grade system to suit ALL members fitness and ability.
  • Most types of riding are catered for including cross country, all mountain, enduro, downhill, pump tracks, dirt jumps, 4x, cyclocross, road, velodrome etc.
  • We often have large numbers of Bigfooters attending cycle events around the country.
  • Subsidised club kit and social cycling events for Bigfoot members.
  • Organised away days and weekends including trails centres and natural trails around England, Scotland and Wales
  • On and off the bike socials including nights in the pub, summer BBQ’s and picnics with families, Christmas parties and the occasional shandy after a ride.
  • Discounts at local bike shops including Leisure Lakes Cheltenham, Eastgate Cycles in Gloucester, Tarmac and Trails in Stroud, Noahs Ark in Brimscombe. Please see our Members area page for more information.
  • A number of club tools, accessories and a GoPro available for member use. Please see our Bigfoot asset page for more information.
  • Discounts at the Flyup 417 Bike Park on specific sessions. Exclusive to Bigfoot MBC! Please see our Members area page for more information
  • Organised mountain bike holidays around Europe

Where do we ride?

As Bigfoot are based in Gloucestershire the bulk of our riding takes place around Cranham, Leckhampton, Standish, Selsley, Painswick, Stinchcombe, Cleeve Hill, North Nibley, Sheepscombe and the Forest of Dean.

These locations have a MASSIVE variety of singletrack and downhill trails. Every year the helpful woodland trail pixies build more tracks so there’s always new stuff to try out. Our ride leaders have a huge amount of local knowledge which ALL members can and do benefit from. During the winter months some trails cope with the wet weather better than others, so we choose our locations accordingly to preserve the countryside we all love so much!

When do we ride?

Bigfoot religiously organise a cross country ride every Tuesday evening, even through the winter. We also organise regular Big Bike Wednesday evening rides for the more jumpy riders amongst us. Weekend rides are less structured due to ‘life’. But you will always find several ride options on the calendar … just pick one, or even post a ride up yourself. Take a look at our ride calendar/guide.

Bigfoot actively encourage club members to post additional rides, whether this is a Thursday evening XC, Friday night pump track sessions at 417, Weekend Newport velodrome sessions, trail centre away days or simply local weekend XC rides. We even have a ‘How to post a ride’ page to help you, well … post your own rides. You get the drift!

How fast do we ride?

The short answer is; EVERY SPEED!

Bigfoot have members who range from social pace to podium finishing racers. To help organise such a diverse group of riders we have a colour coded ride grade system ranging from Green to Black. On each ride, no matter the grading, the pace is set so that no-one gets left behind – we always aim to finish a ride with the same number of people that started it!

On the regular Tuesday night rides for instance, we will always offer three ride grades; green (social), blue (brisk pace) and red (blistering fast). Just pick one! That said, night rides are usually a bit quicker because we’re all scared of the dark and don’t like being left behind in the spooky woods!

How many of us are there?

The club has around 100 members and is run by a small but beautifully formed committee. The type of rider we attract tends to be 25 to 60 years old and generally with off-road experience. Our green paced rides are perfectly suited for ALL beginners. Don’t be shy, many of our regulars started out as beginners and now show us a clean pair of pedals.

Taster rides

We aim to host a Taster ride on the first Saturday of every month (please keep an eye on our ride calendar/guide). This ride caters for potential new members looking to join our amazing club, as well as existing members who have fallen off the wagon. It is always a very well attended ‘green’ pace ride and with terrain to suit the grading. Please visit our Taster ride page for more information.


If you want to know more please email our club secretary Adam H

If you want to ride with us then please visit our How to join page and we’ll take it from there…