How to join

Come and ride with us

If you fancy joining us for a ride then you’re very welcome to get in touch via the form on the Contacts page. We can suggest a suitable ride and keep an eye out for you. We also run monthly taster rides usually on the first Saturday of the month. Please keep an eye on our ride calendar/guide! We have a colour coded ride grade structure in place to cater for ALL members’ fitness and abilities. Please check out our Rides grades page for more information.

To join a ride you’ll need

    • Helmet. Probably the most important bit of kit you can buy – even more important than a bike!
    • An off-road capable bike in good mechanical order (if you’re not sure about this then get in touch and we’ll help out with advice etc.)
    • Some fitness! Quite how much is always a bit of a difficult one to judge, but as a rule of thumb if you can ride for 10 miles off road, 30 miles on road, or around 2 hours then you should be OK.
    • Some tools to help keep you self-sufficient (we can always help you out if you don’t know how to use them!), things like a spare inner-tube, tyre levers, small pump and a multi tool are a good starting point
  • Some water and a snack to keep you going!

We start from a number of different locations around Gloucestershire as you can see from our Meeting points page. We’ve listed them below along with links to Google maps so you can see where they are. The time on the ride is the time we expect to start rolling so do arrive a little earlier to allow for getting your bike and things ready.

What does it cost (from March 2021)

The Annual (April 1st to March 31st the following year) membership costs £20.00 each or £35.00 for a couple or family. Half year membership is £12.00 running from 1st September.

Every member should also have third party insurance from British Cycling or CTC. If you do not have this you are most strongly advised to apply for cover asap.

You will be eligible for affiliated reduced cost membership (Ride membership currently reduced to half price upon purchase) – Registration number 112606.  Or at the CTC website.  You will also be eligible for British Cycling current member benefits

Club membership form

Please download the club membership form (by clicking image below) then fill in your details. If possible, complete the form digitally (or print and complete in pen, then scan if not) and email it to:

For all other questions contact: