Off-Piste Forest – Bigfoot GB XC Tuesday Club Ride

16 July, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Parkend Cricket club
Crown Lane
Parkend, Gloucestershire
GL15 4JE
Mike Hampson

This is a new ride (for Tuesday) to give the mid-week riders the chance to sample Dowies and some of the other hidden gems we have hiding in the off-piste trails in the deepest Far-East.
Below are the details for the Green,Blue & Red(GB) Grade Bigfoot MBC weekly rides.  We will meet and ride with the same timings, however  groups will agreed at the start according to numbers, ability and preference.
Ride Leaders
Ride Lead Green: TBN
Ride Lead Blue: TBN
Ride Lead Red: TBN
Green group: Medium intermittent pace with rest stops as needed, steep climbs and descents and  rooty/stoney technical single track.
Blue group: Medium-high constant pace, steep climbs and descents and rooty/stoney technical single track.
Red group: High constant pace, fewer stops, steep climbs and descents and rooty/stoney technical single track.
  • Kit list:
    Helmet  (mandatory);
    Gloves (advisable);
    Drink (advisable);
    Elbow/ knee pads (advisable);
    Hard tail/ Full Suss (advisable);
    Energy food (advisable);
    Waterproof shell (advisable).
    Suggested spares list:
    Spare inner tube;
    Puncture repair kit;
    Multi tool/Chain tool;
    Missing Link;
    Spare derailleur hanger (emergency or suited to bike).
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