7 Stanes, Scotland – the MEGA Away Extra Long Weekender Suitable for ALL

10 August, 2017 @ 7:00 am – 14 August, 2017 @ 1:15 pm
Scottish Borders - 7 Stanes

Back on this one, usual drill great riding, rough agenda below and see links for adventures to Scotland in the past.  Some very high level thoughts, copied and pasted from previous as a starter for 10…will fine tune i.e. accommodation as numbers progress.

2013 http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/2013/08/scotland-weekend/

2013 : http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/2013/08/scotland-trip-day-4-kirroughtree/

2014 http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/2014/08/bigfoot-in-scotland/

2012 http://www.bigfootmbc.co.uk/2012/08/scotland-videos/

Need to get people confirmed so we can sort out suitable accomodation.  This time is Thurs to Monday


AM travel leave Gloucester say 7-8ish as aim to get to the trail centre for 1ish so we can do a quick ride PM.  In terms of traveling best bet is to buddy up and talk amongst yourselves about car sharing as we have so many.  If you fancy a spot of late brekkie, Tebay services is great just north of Kendal http://www.tebayservices.com/.  They are the same people as the new Gloucester services BTW.

PM ride Mabie and meet from say 1pm onwards and people can take their pick on the trails but TBH the red is fine for all and is only 19K.  Afterward they have a skills area with some small jumps, small 4x track, some skinnies we can have a play on which is great fun  http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Mabie .  Post code DG2 8HB.

Accommodation – tbc


This will be a good days riding so make sure you are well feed and watered.

AM ride Kirroughtree and people can take their pick – absolutely awesome trails!!!  http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Kirroughtree and we can get lunch there in the café afterwards as the trails are fairly long and tough BTW

PM ride Dalbeattie and people can take their pick http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Dalbeattie

Accommodation – tbc


AM ride AE and everyone to ride the red http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Ae/Ae-Line-Trail as its TBH not too bad just different paces required  They have a café so we can get a spot of food afterwards and the quicker rides can have a play on the drops at the end of the trail as well.

PM travel to Innerleithin, which will take 2ish hours

PM if people are feeling keen ride Inners red http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Glentress—Innerleithen/Innerleithen-XC

If not just unpack and chill.  You can ride to the Inners red from the accommodation BTW as its only ½ mile away so maybe pitch up first unpack and then head out for about 2.5 hours.

Accommodation – local so you can ride there and back


ALL DAY Glentress baby, can’t express how good it is. http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Glentress—Innerleithen

They have a great café on site for lunch and you can ride from Inners to the trail centre, about 5 miles along a dedicated cycle route or drive if you are less than keen.

Again this will be a good days riding so make sure you are well feed and watered.

Accommodation – local so you can ride there and back


AM a quick tip toe back Glentress to run some of your favourites routes http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Glentress—Innerleithen

PM travel home knackered!


Other comments:

–       Remember just normal trail gear including knee pad and arm pads if you have them.

–       Remember could be wet so bring jackets

–       Groups will be split and each trails centre is different so the variety is epic.

–       Bring plenty of clothes as we are riding for a few days

–       There are plenty of bike shops if you need an urgent part so don’t everyone bring the kitchen sink of spares – normal rules apply maybe just a few extra inner tubes, a mech hanger, chain link, good tyres, spare set of brake pads, 3 litre bladder, good humour and plenty of stories.

–       Bring your own food for on the trail so energy bars/gels and energy drink, you will need it especially if hot

–       Eating, lots of options but bring a small bag of you own favourites like crisis, breakfast cereals just so you have essentials.

–       Buddy up for travelling start asking

–       Evening eating, there a few takeaways, restaurants or supermarkets or if you want to cook at base.


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  1. Thank you Jason. It’s a bit early for me to confirm right now for sure, but I’d like to register my interest.

  2. Interested people so far. Not going to look at accommodation until next month so plenty of time for others to check diaries…..
    Me / Jason
    Matt T
    Train Driver Rob
    Dan A
    Paw W

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