Bike Security

Bike theft has been very common and quite a few club members have had this unpleasant experience. Here are some hints and tips to help you to keep your bike safe:


When you are out and about:

– Carry a bike lock when you plan a pub stop

– Make sure that you can see your bike when at events or trail centres.

– When you drive home, check from time to time whether you are followed.

– Little detours closer to home help to identify and to get rid of unwanted friends.

At home:

– Store your bike in a place which can be locked securely.

– Ideally lock your bike to some ground anchor.

– Do not advertise your interest in bikes by hanging your club kit on the washing line in full view of every passer by.

On the world wide web:

– Whatever up you use to compare yourself with other riders, make sure that you do not disclose your home address.

– Use a nick name or pseudonym when posting on the web

– Do not disclose your fellow cyclists’ home address on the web either.

And here is information I have received from the Gloucester Constabulary:

‘As a Constabulary we have become aware of the problem with cycles and are looking to address the theft problems with a campaign aimed at decreasing the vulnerability of bikes when left unattended, locks etc. To help make the cycle more visible to police, with a registration process incorporating a bike marking process with tamper proof registration with UV serial number painted on  and/or electronic tagging, details of process on

For high value bikes there are different forensic marking kits to mark the different parts of the bike as thieves will dismantle and sell on as individual parts. This decreases the value to the thief particularly if warning labels are attached as it is now identifiable.

We use a Police approved website called Secured by Design which has more information on the various products. Photographs of the bike, Frame and Serial numbers are also necessary to trace owners should a bike be stolen and we recover them.

If cycles are kept in sheds and garages then locking systems which are anchored to a concrete floor or wall are a deterrant and decreases the opportunity for theft. These can be viewed on the SBD website above. They are usually thought of as applying to motorbikes but with high value cycles they can be equally applicable.

The other thing to consider is when arriving and departing from races and when returning home to be aware of people watching your transportation. Looking after each other and generally raising your ‘group’ awareness at events perhaps a non competitor in the group watching out for any suspicious individuals and groups and recording their car details or descriptions.’

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