Bigfoot chat

Welcome to Bigfoot MBC’s new chatting forum; Slack. When you receive your emailed invite to Bigfoot MBC Slack invite simply click the ‘Join Team’ button. Fill in your full name and your chosen Bigfoot username.


In the interest of security, your full name will not be displayed on Slack, just your username. This is why it is important that it matches your Bigfoot username.

N.B. It is important that members embrace the Bigfoot MBC slack messaging system. This is designed to replace the clunky and outdated forum on the website; which eventually will be turned off and discarded!

What is Slack?

Slack will enable all Bigfoot members to communicate with other members about Bigfoot rides, events and bike related chats. It operates very similarly to WhatsApp, except it can be used on computers (via browsers and/or apps) Apple and Android smartphones/tablets, and even the Bigfoot website; albeit a scaled down version. Click here to download your computer or smartphone app or click here to use Slack via your web browser

Click HERE to watch a short youtube movie explaining the basics of Slack

How will it improve communications?

Communications will be more instant, just like using WhatsApp and messenger which most of us are already familiar with. If for instance a member posts saying they cannot make a ride 5 minutes from the start time, everyone on that ‘channel’ will be notified on their smartphone and can adjust the ride accordingly. Slack will be more convenient for all Bigfoot members.

How does it work?

We have already created self titled channels for ALL members to use straight out of the box. Most Bigfoot activities should be covered here. When you join the Bigfoot MBC team you will automatically be added to the CORE channels only. You can remove yourself from any channel at any time, add yourself to other channels or even create your own. You will have FULL control of your Slack ID! (see annotated Bigfoot MBC Slack screen shot below)

You can also create ‘threads’ within channels. I won’t try to explain that here, just have a poke around…


We can all get annoyed with phone or computer notifications ‘buzzing’ every two minutes. You’ll be pleased to know that you can control your notifications on individual channels by simply clicking on the channels setting ‘cog icon’ on the top of each channel. (see annotated Bigfoot MBC Slack screen shot below)

Direct messages!

Members can send a private message to one another. This is particularly useful if you wanted to arrange a lift to a ride, or chat about ‘that’ gap jump. You can also create private group chats too if you wanted to arrange private rides. (see annotated Bigfoot MBC Slack screen shot below)

So many features!

All of the above just skims the surface of Slack. If you want to know more please visit the Slack website. We’re ALL on this learning curve. So click around and fill your boots!