The Long Mynd

Some people manage to create routes which seem to be uphill all the time. But let’s start from the beginning. We met at the bike shop in Marshbrook. When half our bikes were unpacked, we were asked to move our cars to the overflow car park. After some last minute bike maintenance by Dan, several […]

Bigfoot classic: To Sapperton and back

  Just before we started, we had a change of mind. The mountain Mayhem was so close that we had to have a look at it. Instead of North Nilbley we did the Sapperton loop, which allowed us to stop at Gatcombe Park for a nosy visit. Jason came to our start point to take […]

June Club Meeting

Ian, Janet, John, Dave, Jason, Kev, Steve, Daniel and I met up at the Royal William for our monthly club meeting. Since it is June, we decided to sit outside: freezing cold. Fortunately Jason brought some club kit along which came in handy to keep excessive shivering at bay. Because of the low temperatures the […]

Bigfoot ladies: Stinchcombe, without mutiny

  The ride was in the tradition of the Ho Chi Minh trail: when we had the chance to drag our bikes through the brush, over barbed wire or ride through really high grass we took it. From the map, I believe there must be a path from Stinchcombe to North Nibley avoiding the drop […]

Bigfoot Ladies: Cwmcarn

What a brilliant day. It felt like holidays. Lauren, Curstain, Julia and I decided that we wanted to find out what the trails are like in Cwmcarn. The weather forecast was not brilliant during the week, but we were counting on a window of opportunity until 13:00. The weather changed, we have had a glorious […]