Bigfoot ladies: Daffodil dream

Huw, Kev, Darryl, Simon, Matt and I ( I am a lady and override all other genders) met at the old cinema in Gloucester. The weather was not the best. It was cold and raining slightly during the whole ride. Our youngest, Matt, left his coat at home, typical, and was cold from start to […]

Do not forget the January AGM

Christmas is not far away. Soon we will have reached the longest night and the shortest day. And then a new year begins with a new cycling season and a new committee. Do not forget the AGM on the 11th of January. We need to elect a new committee. We have the following nominations so […]

December Club Meeting

The last meeting of the year was well attended, probably because it was straight after our Tuesday ride. The attending members were appropriately muddy and I was not only late (mechanical on the last few metres) but wet and stinky as well. Anyway, all for the greater good. Main discussion point was membership fee and […]

Christmas dinner and awards

22 of us met at the Royal William for our Christmas party and award ceremony. The theme was ‘The Great Gatsby’ and the ladies and some gentlemen put a lot of effort into it. We girls were glitzy! Drinks and food were served upstairs. During the mingling we were entertained by Victorian carol singers. You see, […]

November Club meeting

Only 4 of us came to the meeting, but it did not stop us. Members: unchanged, 90 Money: £710.77 ( since last time we paid £300 deposit for the Christmas party and £340 = £5 subsidy per item for the new club kit) Christmas dinner: Only 4 weeks to go. Please put your name down […]

We need volunteers for our committee

Only two months to go until January when we will have our committee elections. We need volunteers. Matt, Dan and myself will not stand for re-election. We have been on the committee for the last 5 years in different functions. It is time for new blood and new ideas. The club is in good shape […]