Cotswold Carrot

Whoever stayed at home today, lost out! Brilliant weather, dry trails, and a new challenge. Straight at the start we played around at the bomb hole next to the gate. One way is well established, but then Kev challenged Dan to do it the other way around: turn the steep drop into a steep ascent. […]

HONC:Hell of the North Cotswold

If you ever wondered where hell in HONC came from, this year you would have known. The mud levels were unbelievable. But lets start at the beginning. After the weather forecast could not make its mind up, not all Bigfooters registered for the event showed up in Winchcombe, but still we were a noticeable group. The […]

April Club Meeting

Good turn out this time. No lonely decisions therefore. Money in the treasure chest: £650 Members: 23  ( These are the members who have renewed so far. Do not forget, if you do not renew before the end of the months you will lose web page access. Get your act together and renew!) Nothing new […]