March 2021 Committee Meeting

Wednesday 3rd March 2021 Meeting Minutes


Meeting conducted through Zoom, hosted by Dom Whyte (DW)

Chaired by

William Danter (WD)


William Danter (WD), Janet Clarke (JC), David Marsden-Green (DMG) Chris Smart (CS) 

Dom Whyte (DW) Ben Roberts (BR)

        Other Attendees 

        No other members were in attendance.


No apologies were received.

Minutes taken by 



  1. Check minutes 
  2. February action jobs
  3. Membership renewal fee
  4. Treasurer yearly overview
  5. Restarting club rides
  6. Kit order – Spring 2021
  7. Photograph of the month
  8. AOB


WD reminded all present that the meeting was being recorded ‘with agreement’, but reminded

DW that recordings must be deleted once finished with. 

1: Minutes of the Meeting held on 3/02/2021

  • The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 were discussed and all agreed were an accurate record. 

2:  February action jobs review

  • WD explained awards have been handed out and everyone has their awards. Jack has handed ‘racer of the year’ to Matt. WD will message Matt to request we have a photo for social media use. WD will get a photo taken at LL with Ayres trophy. BR has some pictures and will be making a collage style post for publicity.  . LL vouchers all sent out.  Most improved rider plate engraved and handed to Dom.  Spanner handed to Matt B. William already has the Ayers Trophy. Most Improved Rider pictures to follow as plate is passed on to winners.
  • CS to transfer payment for engraving to WD  – £12.00 transfer is being actioned by CS.  Action complete.
  • Sponsorship / Supporter renewal confirmation – MOJORising – BR explained that Steve W is dealing with this. WD explained that it looks like they will renew as last year. 
  • 417 – still awaiting news, DMG chasing email correspondence. Open day coming up JC reported 417 taking bookings again, open again 29/3/21 – office still closed, same policies as before – Covid-19 mitigation wise – wait for more news. We will share Instagram posts etc. for social media –  BR.  DMG told 417 kit design (logo on shirt) staying the same.
  • LL renewed and cheque received, banked and cleared funds in club a/c. Text from LL received by WD. WD waiting for information from LL about discount offers that will be available. WD will post information re terms and what members are entitled to. 
  • We have joined Cycling UK and they confirmed MTB ride leader cover – DW has policy summary, cheaper than British Cycling and more straightforward policy. JC asked if we have told members that they are entitled to a discounted fee for CyclingUK individual insurance, DW – post to members about them accessing reduced insurance from CyclingUK. DMG mentioned updating website content to reflect changes. The committee discussed the departure from BC agreeing that the complex provisos in their policy for ride leaders, such as ride leaders  having to have specific qualifications,  was not helpful for us as a club. 
  • DMG reported that the membership cards have been amended by Steve W and we think order has been put in. The cards will have the dates on them as usual. £30.00 for 120, DMG to confirm that cards are ordered. 

3:Membership renewal

  • Committee agreed on a 50% voluntary discount and all members were informed through Slack.
  • Post stickers with membership cards.
  • We will share the admin workload, laminating and posting. 
  • Go through dates and add them to the year overview for future reference.
  • DMG picking up stickers from JC, DMG and JC to liaise. 
  • Publish news re joining – end of March for early joiners. DMG to action, liaise with Steve W, graphics need updating for renewal post. 
  • DMG explained a few members have already renewed / joined. 
  • End of March is the cut off date for the prize draw. Draw will be at the next mtg. 
  • Anonymity and confidentiality re payment of club subs for 2021. Only CS will know who  has taken the voluntary discount option.  CS to send a list of who has renewed and joined to DMG. 

       4:Treasurer yearly overview

  • CS has emailed the committee a draft year overview of income and expenditure. 
  • These are not being included in the minutes as they are open to the general public.  Details available to any member if they wish to view them.  Contact CS on directly.
  • WD explained that we will need more discussion and decision over the next few weeks and at the next meeting we can decide on where money can be invested in the club / spent for all club members – events and so on. 

       5: Restarting club rides

  • WD explained that Outdoor activities under the rule of 6 can take place from March 29. 
  • First Tuesday Club Ride on Tuesday March 30 – groups of 6 max 
  • We will set rota for the first month and post up – DW / WD setup rota with all the main start points and groups split at main start points – parking sensibly to ensure socially distanced safe groups of 6 .  
  • Standish – first club ride again post Step 2 easing of restrictions, possibly Cleeve the following week, Selsley, Coaley Peak and/or lower car park, FOD – DW and WD to finalise and publish.
  • Royal William will start trading on April 12th 2021. 
  • Nice to have a Club ride from there and post ride beers on Tuesday April 13 – get to the pub when the pub opens!
  • DMG mentioned we may need to be mindful of ‘essential travel only’ and all agreed that we will endeavour to  follow local guidelines and any advice from British Cycling. 

6: Kit order 2021

  • CS to set up email and get online shop sorted liaising with KALAS  – cc correspondence to WD to keep in loop. Members’ online shop will be set up, action CS.
  • Update:  CS sent summary of kit ordering process from last year to committee.  Awaiting confirmation from Kalas that same process can be put into operation this time.  Kalas asked to confirm by email sent by CS 03/03/21.
  • DMG mentioned time scales as the arrival of kit did take some time. . 
  • Order window will be open for a set time, usually a 6 weeks lead time. BR mentioned lead time, and possibly getting  estimation of arrival time. 
  • A maximum 3- week window for members to choose and order kit, with no exceptions to the cut off date. 
  • Action review – we  will use Slack to check making progress with the kit order project. 

7: Photograph  of the month

  • BR chose Paul W as the winner, congratulations Paul!
  • JC to judge the March winner.
  • Share on socials? – BR has done this.
  • Save photos from each month to dropbox, BR explained that capacity had been reached with the free account. Steve has backed up images onto his computer rather than pay for dropbox.

8: AOB

  • Raw Sports 60% BigFootMBC discount offer was well received 
  • Discounts at The Little Donut Stall – visit the stall for a coffee and a crepe!
  • WD has photos of Simon C in Raw Sports shorts for a birthday ride that could be used for publicity. 
  • WD thanked the committee for all their hard work. 

The meeting closed at: 20:43

Next meeting to take place on Wednesday 7th April 20:00, through Zoom, 20:00

Summary of actions following our March Meeting **


  • Post information re the Leisure Lakes terms and conditions and what members are entitled to. 
  • Liaise with DW to set up rota for rides commencing 30/3/21, all being well. 
  • Continue to confirm ALL sponsors for 2021.


  • Judge March photograph winner for the entry in the 2022 calendar. 


  • Pass payment of £12.00 to WD (update:  completed 03/03/21)
  • Send names of members who renew / join to DMG 
  • Start the kit order project with repeat of the last ordering process. 
  • Contact KALAS. – kit project.
  • Update:  Kalas contacted 03/03/21 and awaiting response
  • Committee members sent details of the process from last year


  • Write up and post approved minutes for the March 2021 meeting.
  • Share April meeting Zoom link and details to members. 
  • Publicise to members that they can have reduced personal insurance with CyclingUK as BigfootMBC is affiliated to CyclingUK.
  • Liaise with WD and set up  rota for club rides, starting 30/3/21 


  • Continue to use images for social media posts and publicity. 
  • Liaise with DMG re graphics for membership renewal / new membership. 


  • Confirm that membership cards are ordered. 
  • Pick up BigfootMBC stickers from JC
  • Liaise with Steve W and get graphics up for membership renewal publicity, liaise with BR.

**NB: Please edit and strike through actions when they are completed prior to the next meeting. 

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