February 2021 Committee Meeting

Wednesday 3rd February 2021 Meeting Minutes


Meeting conducted through Zoom, hosted by Dom Whyte (DW)

Chaired by

William Danter (WD)


William Danter (WD), Janet Clarke (JC), David Marsden-Green (DMG) Chris Smart (CS) Dom Whyte (DW) Ben Roberts (BR)

Other Attendees

No other members were in attendance.


No apologies were received.

Minutes taken by 



  1. Check minutes 
  2. January actions
  3. Awards hand out
  4. Sponsorship / Supporter renewal
  5. Kit order
  6. British Cycling
  7. Social Media
  8. Membership renewal
  9. AOB

1: Minutes of the Meeting held on 13/01/2021

The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13th January 2021 were approved and confirmed as an accurate record. 

2:  January 2021 actions review


  • Publish next meeting on Slack / website – complete
  • Liaise with SW to work out the best approach with regard to email management. Email still to sort for BR, BR says he is still to log in successfully and will happen imminently. 
  • WD to confirm sponsors for 2021 ASAP so we can start on kit order. Ongoing, but agreed kit design will remain the same for 2021.
  • Leisure Lakes Bikes has confirmed their continuing sponsorship renewal. 
  • Confirm MOJORising sponsorship query. Transactions have been checked – WD and CS discussed there has been an amount of money from a few members paid back to the club. They have offered BBQ / events etc. but this has been hindered by pandemic. Ongoing
  • Judge a winner for the January 2022 calendar pic. The winning photo is Steve Atkinson’s snowman pic. Well done Steve!
  • Send out new year honours award vouchers – complete


  • Minutes published on the website -complete
  • Details re meeting sent out – complete


  • Send out details on Slack about the continuation of the photograph competition – complete
  • Deliver / send competition awards – complete
  • WD posted LL vouchers – done – complete


  • Use photographs and ‘the winner’ in social media opportunities – complete and ongoing


  • ‘Tweak’ agreement wording and liaise with WD- complete

3: 2020 Awards

All Committee members helping with awards and getting collected and sent out / presented.
“Most Improved Rider” plate collected and dropped off at Trophy World Quedgeley – WD has confirmed names for engraving. https://www.trophyworldglos.co.uk

  • Award 2020 trophies – this will happen as soon as soon is safe to do so. Ongoing action
  • NB – Please all liaise with WD re trophy hunt! Ongoing action 

4:Sponsorship / Supporter renewals 2021

  • Leisure Lakes Bikes has confirmed sponsorship. 
  • As yet, we have received no official confirmation from MOJORising with regard for future sponsorship / shirt logo agreement, as we have had in 2020. Ongoing
  • FlyUp417: 10% discount agreed last year, DMG reported that we are still waiting to hear, it has been difficult to make contact as staff are on furlough so this is yet to be confirmed and a decision made.  Discussion as to what they might be able to offer. DMG Ongoing action 
  • Sprung has confirmed renewal and are awaiting confirmation on discount available for members. 

5: Kit Order 2021

  • The committee has decided to keep the current kit design the same for 2021, all logos as latest and current design. No changes are to be made in 2021. We continue to progress the kit order action for the order window next month. 

6: British Cycling membership – whether to renew 

  • We have an issue re payment for BC membership – currently NO affiliation therefore no Public Liability cover, however, no group rides due to Pandemic. 
  • £99 fee with a blank shirt uploaded – i.e. ‘no’ sponsors (logos on shirt), but we have four logos on our shirts. 
  • BC charges £68 / logo ‘sponsor’, whether or NOT we receive money from them – only get out clause for this is if the sponsor / logo is a charity, and proof needs to be sent. 
  • £371 for 2021 if we do as BC expects with four logos on shirts. All agreed on committee that this was a significant increase in affiliation fees for our club. We acknowledge many members benefit from individual BC membership. 
  • DW has emailed BC to ask if they will accept one extra fee of £68 for one ‘logo’, as £371 is expensive. As yet, no reply. 

Options – we have time to consider as NO club rides until March at earliest. 

  • Previously with CTC (CyclingUK), do we return to them? Do not know what they charge per year. 
  • Pay £371 and cover the increased fee from club funds. WD is trying to confirm if our ride leaders are covered for PL, without having qualifications in coaching and / or first aid qualifications. 
  • NB: JC has posted re Cycling UK – PL cover seems possible through them – is it cheaper? 


  • DW  to contact Cycling UK – cost for membership, cover we get, timescale on membership.  Can our members lead at any time?
  • DW to review any further answers from BC 
  • Ongoing action for all: Discuss and decide on the best group to join, significantly to ensure we have PL cover.

7. Social Media

  • Photos from the photograph competition channel are to be added to dropbox – action BR.
  • BR is to choose a winner for the 2022 calendar, February submissions. 

8. Membership Renewal: 

  • DMG explained that cards need updating and ordering – BR agreed to liaise with Steve White on cards. DMG and BR will sort.  BR will ask SW to take off the date, and we can write in the expiry date. 
  • Membership card information is all on dropbox. 
  • Update the cards – design with SW. 
  • Enquiries to Chair and membership email. 
  • Early renewal prizes for 2021 membership have been agreed as £100 – 1st prize,  £50 – 2nd prize, £25 – 3rd prize. 
  • DMG asked about bank details being published, information re bank transfer is on the current form. 
  • Chair and Membership emails bigfootmbc.co.uk must be checked and forwarded to current Gmail accounts – WD to action.

9: AOB

  • Google drive for committee – Club documents are all on Google drive, please regularly check documents for lots of useful information. 
  • Club Gmail use – WD asked that Club emails are for club use only, not personal emails. WD will review ‘old’ emails and delete any emails pertaining to personal correspondence, for e.g. offers and purchasing with bike shops. 
  • Website emails are continuing to be forwarded to our Gmail accounts. 

The meeting closed at 21:15

Next meeting to take place on Wednesday 3 March 20:00, through Zoom

Actions following February Meeting 


Check BR is all sorted on club email. 

Continue to confirm ALL sponsors for 2021.

Judge the January photograph entries and announce the winner for January 2021.

Collect ‘The Plate’ for MIR from Trophy World and ready for presentation to winners. 

Check that historic email accounts ‘bigfoot.co.uk’ are forwarded to current gmail addresses for club use. 


Contact Cycling UK – cost for membership, cover we get, timescale on membership.  Can our members lead at any time?

Review any further answers from BC 


Judge the February 2022 Calendar photograph entries.

Move photographs on the photo competition channel to Club dropbox. 

Liaise with DMG and SW on membership cards. 


Liaise with BR and SW and sort membership cards for 2021.

All committee members: Discuss and decide on the best group to join, significantly to ensure we have appropriate public liability cover, crucially, allowing any member to be covered if they volunteer for leading any club ride.

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