January 2021 Committee Meeting

January 2021 Meeting Minutes


Meeting conducted through Zoom, hosted by Dom Whyte (DW)

Time and Date

20:00  Wednesday 13/01/21 

Chaired by

William Danter (WD)


Janet Clarke (JC), David Marsden-Green (DMG) Chris Smart (CS) William Danter (WD)

Other Attendees

Dom Whyte (DW) Ben Roberts (BR)


Steve White (SW) 

Minutes taken by 

Dom Whyte


  1. Check minutes
  2. December action jobs
  3. Election\re-election of committee positions
  4. Year End Awards
  5. Janet’s Photo Competition awards
  6. Christmas Rides 
  7. Sponsorship / Supporter renewals


  1. Minutes of the Meeting held on 2/12/2020

Minutes have been noted as an accurate record of the December meeting. 

WD explained that only club members should have access to the minutes. He has noticed web posts have been automatically shared to FB and Twitter. 

All agreed that keeping the minutes confidential to members was imperative and DW noted that when publishing minutes to be aware of unchecking the Twitter and Facebook publishing options. 

Action: DW to write up minutes and publish and ensure not shared to fb and twitter. 

NB: New website will allow us to publish minutes to a members’ section. 

2:  December action jobs

  • Action: WD to post December Tuesday club rides
  • Action:  Ask Andrew to post poll and share it on slack
  • Action: Get awards vouchers from LL
  • Action: Ask LL if they would like to donate a prize
  • Action: JC to create a channel and post competition info
  • Action AW to post about the Christmas ride –  yes
  • Action: Invite members to stand for the 2021 committee
  • Action WD to post next committee meeting on the calendar

3: Election\re-election of committee positions

Nominations for 2021 committee posts noted as below: 

Chairperson:  William Danter

Vice chairperson: Janet Clarke

Treasurer:  Chris Smart

Membership: Dave Marsden-Green

Events Secretary: Dom Whyte

Social Media: Ben Roberts 

All present voted and the 2021 committee was decided with WD officially taking on his role as Club Chair. New 2021 committee members, BR and DW were welcomed.

Committee post hand over process

Guidance is needed on how to change club emails and access to Google Drive. This should be written up in a Club Doc for future reference.  This should not be seen as extra work as if we use a club Doc instead of our personal docs/notes then we are not duplicating our work.
Google Drive password rescue email address will be with Steve White in his  ‘webmaster’ capacity. 

Action: WD to liaise with SW to work out the best approach. 

4: Year End Awards

WD spoke about club morale and how delivery of trophies, vouchers being presented and photographic opportunities were all very important in the current climate – Global Pandemic and national lockdowns. BR noted how it was also important for him and in developing social media content. 

Annual awards £120

  • Ayres award: LL prize & £20 voucher
    William Danter
  • Racer award: £20 LL voucher
    Matt Lakin
  • Most improved riders: £20 LL voucher
    Dom Whyte, Anthony C (Fred) & Woody
  • Spanner of the year: £20 LL voucher
    Matt Barret

DMG suggested perhaps delaying until after lockdown (but all very uncertain) for presenting awards and trophies whilst things might improve. 

It was agreed that WD will post voucher prizes to winners and we will encourage winners to take a ‘selfie’ and send their picture to BR for social media publication. 

Trophies will be collected – discussion re collecting trophies under current guidelines and will do what we can within restrictions due to COVID-19. The committee agreed to organise for the trophies to be engraved. MIR plate to be engraved – TBD

Action: Collect 2019 trophies ASAP

Action: Award 2020 trophies ASAP 

WD: Send out vouchers to winners. 

5:Janet’s New Photo Competition (£60)

This has proved to be very popular with members!  WD, having spoken with members, explained that it would be good to keep this impetus going and BR and DW suggested that  we make the competition monthly and the 12 winning photos  over the year can be used in a Club Calendar 2022  to be sold for fundraising at the end of 2021, at Christmas time – a perfect present! The committee agreed that this was a great plan!

Judging will be rotated across the committee each month with one winner being selected. Each monthly winner will receive a complimentary 2022 calendar.


JC to send out details on Slack about the continuation of the competition.

WD: Judge a winner for the January 2022 calendar pic. 

BR: Use photographs and ‘the winner’ in social media opportunities. (Ongoing)

2020 Competition:

1: Rails by Mike P £30

2: Seatpost by James £20

3: Take me to your leader by Tim £10

Action: JC to deliver / send awards

6: Christmas Rides

WD bought beer, and DW provided mince pies –  invoiced club with CS settling bill. The committee agreed this event had been successful with 12-15 riders turning out on a drizzly Tuesday night. The Treasure Hunt ride did not take place. 

Photo not posted on social media. 

7: Sponsorship/supporter renewal

WD raised the subject of smooth handover of tasks and relevant information will be updated. WD has information and will contact sponsors and hopefully will be happy to renew. 

The 417 may not be able to offer anything. Leisure Lakes should be okay to continue. CS noted that 417 have had a very difficult year. WD will aim for a £500 deal with LL. WD explained that our sponsors do really appreciate the support we give to them throughout the club. 

WD will liaise with SW re Geometron / MOJORising deals. DMG explained that he would like to have confirmation of the amount received via MOJORising in lieu of sponsorship. 

DMG raised the point that club kit sales were lower in 2020 than in 2019 and can we clarify that old kit has logos of companies who have ceased their club sponsorship but current kit does not.  DW mentioned ‘lockdown hardship’ may have affected sales. 

WD explained that it was good to have logos from local companies as it showed our willingness and drive to support as much local business as we can. It was agreed that sales may be down due to the difficult year everyone is having, with COVID-19. CS explained that Pedal Cover has now ceased as a sponsor and they were replaced by MOJORising. They were a sponsor in the first year, not the second. 

WD emphasised that the commitment to sponsorship is about supporting our local businesses in terms of advertising on our kit helping us to look a bit ‘pro’!

Action: WD to confirm sponsors for 2021 ASAP so we can start on kit order. Confirm MOJORising sponsorship query. 

8: AOB

  • It was decided that the club kit order will be ready for March 2021 – this will be the ordering window. The club holds a small number of items for sale to members. The club will order a few spare standard size jerseys (4 or 5) for order from club. 
  • WD – Litter picking and trail management work is a great thing for club to do and when we can we will do more. Nothing is happening currently due to COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • February meeting will be conducted on Zoom, DW to host and send links. At this meeting WD will confirm sponsors for 2021. 
  • DW asked about the new website and WD explained all is in pipeline to be completed with launch in next 2-3 weeks. 
  • DMG mentioned the sponsorship deal with Leisure Lakes and the aspect of LL staff becoming an ‘honorary member’ with this agreement. The agreement currently states how they become members without voting rights and not permitted to be on the committee. Some discussion took place about how LL staff are, of course, welcome to attend rides and welcome to join us at events that we participate as a club in. However, it was discussed that LL staff should still be encouraged to take on the option of joining the club in the usual manner, to be able to enjoy all access to websites, Slack etc. DMG will tweak the agreement wording and we will review as necessary. DMG to liaise with WD. 

Action: DMG to ‘tweak’ agreement wording and liaise with WD

Next meeting date set for

Wednesday 3/2/21   20:00-21:00 Zoom Meeting

Meeting closed at 20:52

January 2021 –  Actions:


  • Publish next meeting on Slack / website
  • Liaise with SW to work out the best approach with regard to email management. 
  • WD to confirm sponsors for 2021 ASAP so we can start on kit order.
  • Confirm MOJORising sponsorship query. 
  • Judge a winner for the January 2022 calendar pic. 
  • Send out vouchers 


  •  Write up and publish minutes 
  • Send details for next meeting


  • Send out details on Slack about the continuation of the photograph competition.
  • Deliver / send competition awards


  • Use photographs and ‘the winner’ in social media opportunities


  • ‘Tweak’ agreement wording and liaise with WD

All Committee members

  • Collect 2019 trophies who – trophies to be collected ASAP 
  • Award 2020 trophies – this will happen as soon as soon is safe to do so. 

NB – Please all liaise with WD re trophy hunt! 

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