December 2020 Club Meeting Minutes



Time and Date

8pm  Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Meeting Chaired by

Buzz (AW)


Buzz (AW), Janet Clarke (JC), David Marsden-Green (DMG) William Danter (WD)



Steve W

Minutes taken by 

William Danter


  1. Check minutes
  2. November action jobs
  3. Restart Club rides
  4. Year End Awards
  5. Christmas socials
  6. Election\re-election of committee positions
  7. AOB

1: Check November minutes

All agreed minutes were correct

2:  November action jobs

  • Action: Work on ideas for a Christmas ride
  • Action:  Ask Steve White to update form to include full club Bank Details
  • Action:  Steve White to ask Andrew Maddison about poll for 2020 awards 
  • Action: Discuss proposal for Litter Picking work party as suggested by Ian
  • Action: Agree  process for election\re-election of committee positions for 2021
  • Action: Committee to give serious thought to ideas for membership retention  
  • Action: WD to post December meeting on the calendar ? 

3: Club Rides with new social gathering regulations

  • Agreed to restart  Tuesday evening club rides on 8 December
  • Committee discussed venue choices, WD heard Cranham is a mud fest and suggested Cleeve as it holds up well and we have not ridden there for ages, making  a nice change.  The need for  ride leaders, accessibility and trail conditions are the limiting factors still.
  • Agreed to keep to the local favourites for now
  • Action: WD to post December Tuesday club rides

4: Year End Awards

Spoke about our annual new year’s awards/honours. SW has not asked Andrew Maddison about re-running the poll yet.

WD said he only knew of  2 members who have entered races this year, but was reminded that a few members entered local FOD races before lockdown.

Discussed that with no Club Christmas party this year, we would just have to announce the winners on Slack.

Discussed prize figures and that these could be increased, but as we have another competition with prizes decided to keep them the same as previous years.

Action:  Ask Andrew to post poll and share it on slack

Action: Get awards vouchers from LL

Action: Ask LL if they would like to donate a prize 

2019 awards went to:

  • Best Christmas jumper: Ben Roberts
  • Most improved rider:          James Payne
  • Racer of the year:                 Jack Hill
  • Spanner of the year :           Steve Atkinson
  • Contributor of the year: William Danter

Janet’s New Photo Competition 

We discussed Janet’s  idea for a new photo competition and all agreed it was a great idea.
Prizes as follows:

1st: £30

2nd: £20 

3rd: £10

Action: JC to create a channel and post competition info

5: Christmas Socials

  • WD said we should still try and do something fun and suggested enhancing the Christmas Ride which would normally be held on the Saturday before Chritsmas. We would still abide by the rule of 6 and  keep the groups socially distanced of course.
  • AW suggested we could do a trail find with hidden prizes. Discussed how we would give the clues and DMG pointed out that poor phone signal would be a problem. Janet proposed using trail descriptions for the hunt.
  • WD said even though the groups would be split up, they could still engage on Slack or Social media to share the fun
  • Action AW to post about the Christmas ride

6: Election\re-election of committee positions

  • Steve White has informed the committee that he is standing down. He has done so much for the club over the years and will be very much missed.
  • We discussed the need to encourage and invite members to put their names forward for the 2021 committee.  Also we could have more members join if they have ideas or tasks they would like to do for the club
  • A new committee gets voted in at the January meeting and we discussed how we could use a poll if a few members put their names forward 
  • Action: Invite members to stand for the 2021 committee

7: AOB

  • Discussed Ian’s trail head litter picking and said this would have to wait until new year.
  • No update on the new website, will prompt the guys in the new year

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday 6 January  8-9pm at Royal William or Zoom
  • Action WD to post next committee meeting on the calendar

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