November 2020 meeting minutes



Time and Date

8pm  Wednesday 11th November 2020

Meeting Chaired by

Buzz (AW)


Buzz (AW), Janet Clarke (JC), David Marsden-Green (DMG)




Steve White (SW)


Minutes taken by 


1: Check October minutes

All agreed they were correct.

2:  October action jobs

  • Action WD do create start point maps with what3word links DONE
  • Action WD to post and encourage ride leaders DONE
  • Action work on ideas for a Christmas ride ON HOLD
  • Action work on ideas for a Christmas rideON HOLD
  • Action Ask Steve White to update form ? ON HOLD
  • Action WD to post next meeting up on the calendar

3: Website update

  • No update

4: Club Rides with new social gathering regulations

  • Tuesday Rides going well

6: Christmas Socials

  • WD brought up our Christmas party.  All agreed we can’t see it being allowed…
  • WD said we should still try and do something fun and suggested enhancing the Christmas Ride. We would still abide by the rule of 6 and  social distanced groups of course
  • AW suggested we could do a trail find with hidden prizes. Everyone liked this idea and agreed it’s something to work on.
  • WD said even though the groups would be split up, they could still engage on Slack or Social media to share the fun
  • Action work on ideas for a Christmas ride
  • Discussion was put on hold as we do not know what the COVID restrictions will be

7: Litter Picking

  • Ian (babyface has suggested we do some litter picking. We had looked at doing this before and never got around to it.
    We had planned to get some hi viz jackets with our logo on them.
  • Invest in litter pickers and Hi Viz
  • Agreed to discuss this again at next meeting once new COVID restrictions are known


8: AOB

  • Year end awards?
  • SW to ask Andrew Maddison about poll for awards.
  • Membership retention ideas?  Need to agree an approach to retain current membership levels (98 paid members this year)
  • Committee positions.  Commence process for election\re-election of committee positions for 2021

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday 2  December  8-9pm at Royal William
  • Action WD to post it on the calendar
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