September 2020 meeting minutes

Time and Date

8pm  Wednesday 9 September 2020


Royal William

Meeting Chaired by

Buzz (AW)


Buzz (AW), Janet Clarke (JC), David Marsden-Green (DMG), Steve White (SW), William Danter (WD)



Chris Smart (CS)

Minutes taken by 

William Danter


  1. Check August minutes are correct 
  2. August action jobs
  3. Club kit hand out
  4. Website up date
  5. Club Rides with new social gathering regulations.
  6. Sponsorship\Discount agreement details
  7. A.O.B. Stickers

1: Check August minutes

All agreed they were correct.

2:  August action jobs

  • Remind members to keep social distance
  • Remind members to be mindful of taking liberties with the Royal William car park
  • Hand out club kit asap on arrival
    On going

3: Club Kit Hand out

  • Kit being handed out by AW & Dave MG
  • Action AW to get Jason Ayres new address to send his kit to
  • WD noted how much Kalas have improved their order system making a complex process so much easier. 
  • SW said when the kit arrived each item had been labeled saving hours of work
  • With the order process so much easier and so many new members we are thinking of having another kit order this year. Then maybe have two a year if there is demand.
  • AW mentioned Terrain clothing who are making custom sized MTB kit. He has ordered a jersey and will let us know 

4: Website update

  • SW said no recent progress to report 

5: Club Rides with new social gathering regulations

  • SW spoke about the new regulations coming in on Monday 14 September
  • Coronavirus: Social gatherings above six banned in England from 14 September
  • JC asked if  there is new guidance from British Cycling?
  • Action Check on any new guidance from British Cycling
  • SW said it’s a new law so we have to abide by it. As we are all wearing club kit, we need to be mindful that we are very visible.  
  • The next Tuesday ride is at the FOD, JC said we could start in the same area, just split groups up.
  • SW said it will be safer to just split groups up and we decided this is the best option for now. 
  • Action Create a more detailed Polly Poll for next Tuesday with max group sizes of six

6: AOB

  • New Stickers have arrived 
  • Action JC to cut Stickers up and hand them out
  • Action Chris to reimburse SW for sticker payment
  • AW asked for clarification on Sponsorship\Discount agreement details
  • SW replied LL has always been at their  discretion and they try and do the best they can for us.
  • SW has arranged an Exposure Light Demo for Tuesday 14 with Leisure Lakes
  • Action  WD to collect lights and take them to the FOD. 
  • AW is looking at organising a weekend in the Peak District next year
  • Dave MG organising another taster ride

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday 7 October  8-9pm at Royal William
  • Action WD to post it on the calendar
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