August 12 meeting minutes 2020

Time and Date

8pm  Wednesday 12 August  2020


Royal William

Meeting Chaired by

Steve White


David Marsden-Green (DMG), Steve White (SW), Chris Smart (CS) William Danter (WD)



Adam Wass & Janet Clarke

Minutes taken by 

William Danter


  1. Check June minutes are correct 
  2. June  action jobs
  3. Club kit delivery update
  4. Website up date
  5. Membership
  6. Club Rides & Events
  7. Club BBQ?
  8. A.O.B

1: Check June minutes

Agreed they were correct.

2:  June action jobs

  • Action reimburse DMG postage and laminator costs
  • Action finish kit order
  • Action send out raffle winner prizes
    Completed and posted on Insta
  • Action WD to get LL vouchers
  • Action JC to ride trails
  • Action SW  to post up date on club  rides & government guidelines
  • Action WD to post next meeting on calendar
  • Action WD to update any events that get cancelled
  • Action Steve Atkinson to transfer payment for shock
    Completed on May 16

3: Club Kit Delivery

CS gave us an update on kit order and the estimated dispatch date of  August 28. Plan a swift handy out as soon as it all arrives.

4: Website update

SW gave us a detailed update on our new website and showed us the page layouts and features.  Dan Grylls is working on the calendar feature and hoping to connect it with Slack.

It’s looking fantastic and we are very lucky to have such talented members who are happy to give up so much of their time cost free.

5: Membership update

  • Dave MG gave us a membership update
  • Current members 82
  • WD commented that with so many new members, we will need more green and blue ride leaders. Luckily this does not seem a problem with many members offering to lead rides.
  • We discussed new members ride ability and to make sure we need to make sure they ride with in their ability

6: Club Rides and Events

  • WD asked for feedback on Tuesday Club Rides 
  • SW mentioned that AW had to remind members to split up at the top of the race track when all the groups happened to meet at the top. Dave MG said this happens a lot at the Crows nest on Standish rides.
  • Action Remind members we must try and keep social distance and to remind members when we forget
  • WD said Tuesday ride numbers have dropped so easier to manage. This has been helped by a few members organising their own little rides.
  • Discussed the upcoming Scotland trip
  • Dave MG pointed out that when posting Tuesday ride details, it would be best to add poll to post or straight after.

7: AOB

  • Remind members to social distance
  • Dave MG mentioned that we have filled the Royal WIlliam car park up a few times. Important that we do not take liberties and remind members that we can park up the lane if needed.
  • Discussed the Summer BBQ and decided we it would not be a responsible thing to do this year. Same with other social ideas we have had. 
  • Discussed that with fewer events we will have less spend this year. Spoke about buying more tools for the club tool box and that we can just have better events next year hopefully.
  • WD said we could look at organising the tool box better

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday  2  September  8-9pm on Royal William Posted by WD
  • Moved back to 9 September due to the Scotland trip

August action jobs

  • Remind members to keep social distance
  • Remind members to be mindful of taking liberties with the Royal William car park
  • Hand out club kit asap on arrival
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