June club meeting minutes 2020

Meeting Chaired by

Steve White

Hosted on Zoom by

William Danter

Date & time

Wednesday 2 June @8pm


Janet Clarke (JC), David Marsden-Green (DMG), Steve White (SW), William Danter (WD)



Adam Wass

Minutes taken by 

William Danter


  1. Check previous minutes are correct 
  2. Covid 19
  3. May  action jobs
  4. New club kit
  5. New website
  6. Membership
  7. Rides & events
  8. Treasurer report
  9. A.O.B

1: Check May minutes

All present said they had read the minutes and they were correct.

2: Covid 19

Committee all agreed to encourage members to follow government guidelines attached below.
Action SW  to post up date on club  rides & government guidelines.

3:  May action jobs

  • Action SW to give us an web build update at next meeting
  • Action send out raffle winner prizes
    To do
  • Action to remind members of government guidelines for daily rides
  • Action WD to post June meeting
  • Action CS to check kit contribution last year and to try to match it
    On going
  • Action SW to get two quotes and check if Essential can make this type of sticker
    No. But found more stickers
  • Action reimburse DMG postage and laminator costs
    To do
  • Action Steve Atkinson to transfer payment for shock

4: New Club Kit order

  • Waiting for Chris to arrange the worksheet for who owes what. He is really busy at work so we have to be patient.
  • All agreed we need to  finalize kit order out the way
  • Sizing amendments on a few items have been sorted for Woody & Matt
  • Action finish kit order

5: New Website

  • Steve is starting back on it now and will be engaging with team to make progress

6: Membership renewals

  • DMG gave us an overview of new members and a few who have not renewed yet that may need a prompt
  • DMG asked if he could view accounts to see who has paid their renewals to save having to chase CS.  Access is complicated to club accounts so no.  Ian Rickard & Pete Newell had a meeting at our branch a few years back and could not change access easily..
  • Discussed and agreed the end of June as the renewal cut off date
  • Option for members who renew to defer payment until July if needed
  • Agreed to have a Slack and Strava cull in July of ex members

7: Rides & Events

  • Agreed to follow guidelines and not to restart club rides yet
  • Public rides of up to 6 allowed now following social distancing rules
  • Discussed how we might organise smaller club ride groups in the future and keeping them apart.
  • DMG & WD said this would not be easy to archive with so many members not posting and just turning up to rides.
  • DMG spoke about how we might restart smaller taster rides in the future

8: AOB

  • Disclosed 417 re opening.  With no uplifts in the near future, decided to change raffle 417 voucher prizes to equivalent Leisure Lakes vouchers
  • Action WD to get LL vouchers and post them to winners

Action jobs

  • Action SW  to post up date on club  rides & government guidelines
  • Action finish kit order
  • Action WD to get LL vouchers
  • Action send out raffle winner prizes
  • Action JC to ride trails
  • Action reimburse DMG postage and laminator costs
  • Action CS to transfer costs to DMG 
  • Action WD to post next meeting on calendar
  • Action WD to update any events that get cancelled
  • Action Steve Atkinson to transfer payment for shock

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday  1  July  8-9pm on Zoom
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