April club meeting minutes 2020

Meeting Chaired and Hosted on Zoom by: 

Adam Wass (AW)


Adam Wass (AW), Janet Clarke (JC), Dave MG (DMG), William Danter (WD)



Chris Smart

Minutes taken by 

William Danter


Wednesday 8 April at 8pm


  1. Check previous minutes are correct 
  2. Covid 19
  3. March  action jobs
  4. New club kit
  5. New website
  6. Membership renewal draw
  7. Rides & events
  8. Treasurer report
  9. A.O.B

1: Check March minutes

All present agreed minutes were correct

2: Covid 19

We discussed the rules and importance of social distancing. 

  • All club rides have been cancelled for the duration of the lock down 
  • We urge members to follow government guidelines with solo rides
  • Ride safe, stay within your comfort zones and so reduce the risk of injury as the NHS has enough to deal with.

3: March action jobs

  • Action SW to order new membership cards
  • Action DMG to start pushing renewals

4: New Club Kit order

Discussed the new club kit order, Steve W and Chris S could not attend the meeting so we had no information on how many orders have been placed. The order cut off date had been set for Sunday 12 April, but this may need extending or maybe just do another order later in the year.

  • Action SW to check kit order numbers
  • Action CS to do a marketing push for kit orders and feedback

5: New Website

Steve W not able to attend so no current information. WD said the team is making progress and it’s going to look and work great.

  • Action SW to give us an update at the next meeting

6: Membership renewals

  • Dave MG went through renewal numbers which were as follows:
    46 early renewals. 5 new members and a total of 53 members renewed.
  • Dave MG used a random number generator to pick the winners from a list of 46 in order of when they renewed. Please note these are not the numbers Dave has used when writing the membership cards out.
  • Number 28
    3rd place winner: Rich Avery         417 UpLift Pass
  • Number 12
    2nd place winner: Dom Whyte      417 UpLift Pass and £50 LeisureLakesBikes voucher
  • Number 10
    1st place winner: Dan Andre          417 UpLift Pass and £100 LeisureLakesBikes voucher
  • We discussed membership card delivery.  DMG has dropped some off too members who live near him and we decided to post the rest with 2nd class stamps.

7: Rides & Events

  • WD has edited all upcoming club rides and events as cancelled due to Covid 19
  • Some events have been postponed so changed the dates and notified channels
  • Many Summer events are still in limbo and we await announcements in due course….

8:  Treasurer’s Report

Chris S is flat out with work at present so not able to attend.

  • Action Chris S to give us an update at the next meeting

9: AOB

Discussed new club stickers.

  • Agreed to keep current design of Shred with BigFoot and Send it with Bigfoot
  • AW said it would be good to get a quote off Todd from Essential Graphics in the FOD and members present agreed.
  • Action SW to get two quotes and check if Essential can make this type of sticker

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday  6 May 8-9pm on Zoom or Royal Mail
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