March club meeting minutes 2020

Meeting Chaired by 

Adam Wass (AW)


Janet Clarke (JC), Steve White (SW), Dave MG (DMG), William Danter (WD), Chris Smart (CS)


Ian Rickard (IR), Steve Akinson (SA)


Minutes taken by 

William Danter

Date and Venue

Wednesday 4 March at the Royal William


  1. Check previous minutes are correct 
  2. PCG
  3. February action jobs
  4. New club kit
  5. New website
  6. Membership renewals
  7. Rides & events
  8. Treasurer report
  9. A.O.B

1: Check January minutes

  • All present agreed these were correct. 

2: Painswick Conversation group dig day

AW said it was great to see members attending the recent PCG dig day and will be good to build a better relationship.  Agreed to remind and educate members on where not to ride on the Beacon.
SW said they need numbers in advance so they can plan work for us in future.

3: February action jobs

  • Action, WD to find the PCG FB page and encourage our members to like and follow it.
  • Action, organise a BigfootMBC work party to help out on some scrub clearing with the PCG.
  • Action, get PCG email address for the club to keep in contact for an ongoing dialogue
  • Action, inform members of sensitive areas to minimise our impact
  • Action, AW to organise a February social evening
    Not done Last week in March? 
  • Action, JC to hand trophy to WD
  • Action, SW to contact Kalas regarding 2020 product prices and club web page
  • Action, SW to make a new club poster
    In progress
  •  Action, WD to add calendar posts
  • Action, SW to work with Kalas and set the web order page up. Prices will be an estimate until we work out club and sponsor contributions.
  • Action, SW to start kit order asap
  • Action, SW to update renewal form
  • Action, SW to order new membership cards
  • Action, WD to check our incentives from last year
  • Action SW to do make renewal graphics
  • Action, WD to post Gawton ride
  • Action, JC to order more stickers around April

4: New Club Kit order

  • AW asked where we were with Kalas. SW just waiting on sponsorship confirmation
  • Kalas web page about ready to go
  • Kit will be with a Kalas discount. Club & sponsorship contribution to be worked out on final order.
  • Discussed delivery options and decided easiest for the order to arrive in one bulk delivery which can then be handed out.
  • Decided on order cut off date of April 1
  • Payments to be made by April 14
  • LL sponsorship deal is for £300 this year 
  • Kryptonite sponsorship was a no go. AW is ok for discount and so can sneak a few orders in.
  • Mojo risin agreed sponsorship agreed. 
  • AW said Essential Wrapping offering club discounts on  their Invis kit £90 fitted (down from £120) and full wrap for £250 (down from £350) 

5: New Website

  • AW asked SW for a progress report
  • CS transferred £127 for 3 year hosting package
  • SW waiting for Matt Barrat to load theme
  • Got a package to work in now. Paying two hosting until new website is live

6: Membership renewals

  • DMG said a few members have paid already, AW, Janet part paid:) 
  • SW has already made the reminder graphics
  • Agreed to dish cards out at rides, then send final cards out after a month
  • Discussed having bank details on a form that is accessible for the general public. Decided that it was a low risk and it was ok to leave on.
  • New forms all sorted ready for renewals 
  • Action SW to order new membership cards
  • Action DMG to start pushing renewals

7: Rides & Events

  • Gawton away day on April 4-5? JC said not much enthusiasm so leave for now
  • WD posted March Tuesday rides
  • Upcoming Dangerous Dom Pontypool away day on Sat March 14
  • Good to see more members posting a variety of rides.

8:  Treasurer’s Report

  • AW mentioned a  question from Mike Purnell:
    Hi, now that we’re coming towards the end of the financial year, could you give a high-level summary of what the club funds have been spent on? Not looking for detail, just interested in rough figures for categories e.g. hosting, tools, kit subsidy, trips, barbecue, Christmas etc. Also interested if there are any investment plans for next year.
  • CS gave us a summary and will give us a full report at the year end.

9: AOB

  • JC was taking bike donations to charity
  • Bill Pier had very kindly donated a bike for use as a club loan bike
  • Ben Roberts has the shock wiz for two weeks with AW next
  • AW asked if any members had any first aid training.  SA said he did but it was office based. SW said he had a contact for a charity who run courses so will look into it
  • DMG said he is getting more interest in taster rides with the next taster ride on 14 March  
  • SW passed FaceBook and Instagram login details to WD and DMG so they can help with the social media pages.

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday  1 April 8-9pm  at the Royal William and posted on calendar
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