November club meeting minutes 2019

Meeting Chaired by 

Adam Wass (AW)


Adam Wass (AW), Steve White (SW), Ian Rickard (IR) William Danter (WD)


Janet Clarke (JC) Steve Atkinson, (SA) Dan Grylls (DG) Jack Hill (JH) 


Chris Smart (CS)

Minutes taken by 

William Danter (WD)

Date & Venue

8-9pm Wednesday 13 November at the Royal William


  1. Check previous minutes are correct 
  2. October action jobs
  3. British Cycling
  4. Upcoming Stretch for cycling success
  5. Christmas Party
  6. New Club Kit
  7. Rides & Events
  8. New Website with Dan Grylls Slack / Calendar solution
  9. Treasurer report
  10. A.O.B

1: October minutes

  • AW went through topics discussed at the  last meeting and we agreed the minutes were correct.
  • AW proposed if attending the meeting can we please read previous minutes as it speeds things up and topics follow on.

2: October action jobs

  • AW went through our action jobs from the last meeting. Most had been completed, some were discussed for completion at meeting and noted below.

3: British Cycle Insurance

  • SW informed us that BCI cover renewals start at the end of October and it was best for us to wait for full years cover.
  • AW said he thought it was important our ride leaders have insurance cover.
  • Action SW to sign us up for cover and CS to transfer payment.

4:  Stretch for Cycling Success with Kate

  • IR & JC had posted Kates contact details and a flyer which had been added to the calendar. 
  • SW had made us a cool graphic for calendar and slack posts.
  • Kate had kindly offered a discount on consultations if booked on the night.
  • 10 members posted on calendar they are attending and JC informed us there was plenty interested and said they were attending.
  • Action JC to remind members of the event.

5: Christmas Party

  • Action SW to update graphic.
  • WD tracking food orders added to calendar on our Christmas Party spreadsheet.
  • CS has edited and improved the sheet.
  • 13 members booked so far. 36 attended in 2018.
  • Action Remind members of party to increase uptake.
  • Action JC to ask LL for contribution and to get raffle vouchers.
  • Action organise poll for voting on 1: Most improved rider. 2:  Racer of the year. 3: Spanner of the year 4: Contributor of the year.

6:  Club Kit

  • AW more members asking for new kit so we need to start the order process.
  • Action AW to plug our causal club kit.
  • JC said we can get kit reference codes off last year’s spreadsheet to clarify kit product names ect.
  • SW said we should have a Kalas club web page with a list of our kit for members to look at.
  • CS is going to carry on using the Excel spreadsheet for kit orders he made last year as it handles the complexities better than Google sheets. We could still use a basic Google sheet for WD to take orders if this helped CS.
  • Action SW to contact Kalas re current pricing.
  • SW has contacted our sponsors, three ok, but Pedal Cover are not able to renew our sponsorship.
  • AW now works for a company that owns Kryptonite bike locks and he can offer their range of locks with a huge discount.
  • Action AW to approach company regarding sponsorship.
  • Proposed timeline to take orders in January with a cut off date. Orders to be paid for with a rough delivery date.

7: Rides & Events

  • Discussed feedback from members that we are not catering for our green riders enough and think this is the cause of a smaller turn out on Tuesday rides.
  • DG spoke on how we need more pre ride organization as groups tend be sorted just before we start riding. If ride leaders were sorted and posted, this would encourage more riders.
  • WD thinks we should put more details on calendar so members can see who will be leading rides. This however would mean more commitment from  ride leaders.
  • SW spoke on how we need to join up more green riders with similar abilities.
  • DG & JC said they are happy to lead some green rides over the winter months with JC looking at an upcoming Cross Hands XC ride.
  • Action encourage more green and XC rides and help out posting rides if members are not sure how to do this.
  • We discussed the next local race which is the FOD Mini DH on Sunday Dec 1.
  • WD starting to post 2020 events on calendar.
  • Action WD to post December Tuesday rides locations and keep calendar packed.
  • SA looking at an Alps trip in July 2020 and will be posting his ideas.
  • North Wales trip had a few problems with quite a few members dropping out due to the weather forecast.  Trip lost the social element a bit as such a large group had to be split in different accommodation.
  • Agreed we need to book accommodation earlier that can cater for a good group size of a set number, reserved on a first booked basis.
  • We discussed options of going early, SW thought September, with SA thinking April.
  • AW brought up that the Summer BBQ was down on numbers this year.
  • Action Find a new membership secretary

8:  New Website

  • DG attended meeting and discussed how we could use a Slack voting plugin which could be tailored for members to show if they are riding or not. This could just go to a test page for the committee to see who is attending. If this works, DG could link it to our calendar page. If this was successful, DG could make a custom plugin  which could be used for more rides.
  • Action DG & SW work together and set this up to trial.
  • SW spoke how he is now able to start on our new web build and proposed to set up a sub committee for the build.
  • Action SW to set up slack channel for sub committee to liaise and work on new site.
  • DG asked who our site is hosted with as he as some ideas for hosting.
  • WD informed us that Andrew has already mentioned we would change our host/package for better value and service.

9: Treasurer’s Report

  • CS could not attend the meeting but messaged us  an overview of club funds with all our recent income and expenditure. 


  • AW spoke about supporting the Gloucester Cycle project  to get kids in to riding.  
  • AW is thinking of organising a winter social drink, may be in late November.
  • Action AW to organize a social evening

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday  4 December 8-9pm  at the Royal William. 
  • SW has already put this in the calendar
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