October club meeting minutes

Meeting Chaired by 

Chris Smart (CS)


Chris Smart (CS), Ian Rickard (IR), William Danter (WD)


Janet Clarke (JC) & Dan Venn (DV)


Adam Wass & Steve White

Minutes taken by 

William Danter

Date & Venue

8-9pm Wednesday 2 October at the Royal William

1: North Wales away weekend

    • Antony C (Fred) could not make the meeting in the end but will be updating the spreadsheet and everything is in hand.
    •  Few members have had to withdraw, but 32 still going.
    • CS wants to settle the accommodation bill before hand to save drawing cash out to take up.

2: British Cycle Insurance

    • Not had clarification on insurance cover from SW yet.
    • The email off British Cycling was not clear, but it sounds like membership /  insurance cover is charged as an annual premium and we would only get three months for our annual fee. Their renewals are  in January.
    • Action SW to check and get clarification on this.
    • Agreed if this is correct we may  just as well wait until January, but should inform the members and ride leaders and see what they think.

3:  Shock Wiz

    • SW has set up  #21-shockwiz-loan slack channel for members to discuss and share the Shock Wiz. Video tutorials have been added to aid members using it.
    • Currently with SW who is passing it on to Ben Roberts.
    • We think a loan time of a week should be fair, giving members enough time to set up and play with suspension settings.

4: Upcoming Races

    • Few members entered FOD Mini Enduro on Oct 20th. This race is now full.
    • WD to take flag to promote club at this race as @StrEATery.co is supplying the catering.
    • Discussed the Greg Minnarr evening at Cheltenham Town Hall on Wednesday October 23. No members are attending to our knowledge.

5:  Stretch for success with Kate

    • Thursday 14 November in the Cranham suite at the Royal William.
    • Session starts at 7pm with room booked from 6.30pm.
    • Kate is a senior Physiotherapist who used to be at the Nuffield Hospital, but now has her own practice Stroud way.  She used to be in the club, before focusing on triathlons. Katie has treated a few members over the years and has been treating IR for his shoulder.
    • Session will be about an hour or so and will cover:
    • Pre and post ride stretching
    • Core exercises
    • Q&A & may be Chips
    • IR has posted this up on calendar and slack.
    • About 15 interested so far and thinking 20  would be a good turn out.
    • Royal William charging us £30 for the Cranham suite.
    • Kate’s fee is £80.
    • WD asked if we could have some details, web link and images  to help promote the evening and Kate’s business.
    • Action IR to get some promotional material off Katie

6: Club Ride Calendar

    • CS pointed out how bare our calendar is looking. WD checked and we only had two rides up for October!  
    • Discussed how members are using Slack to organise rides more. This is great, but we need the calendar for reference and to showcase how active and varied our club riding is.
    • Agreed Dan Grylls idea to link Slack and the calendar is the way forward. This would be along the lines of a tick and comment box in the slack channel which would then post on to our calendar. This would make tracking who is riding, planning ride leaders and groups a lot easier.  WD said Dan has made some progress with this and should have something to show us at the next meeting.
    • Discussed the need to encourage more members to post their rides up. We have very active gravity blue members, but need more XC and green rides.  Great to see Paul Wherton riding after injury and posting his XC rides up again.
    • Action encourage members to post their rides on the calendar. If they are not familiar with how to do this, the committee are happy to do it for them.  It only takes a couple of minutes when you know how.
    • JC is looking to organise a weekend Mendips ride in November and will post more on this soon.

7: New WebSite

    • CS spoke on how  everyone is in agreement that we need a new website and we discussed what we what from it.
    • DV said we need to think of the website as our shop window, keeping it simple and easy to navigate with links to our social media and contact details.
    • Planning to have an instagram plug in that will insert recent posts from the club account @bigfootmbc on to the home page. This would entail our social media guru posting and sharing members posts which will then automatically load on the website.
    • Discussed how Instagram is like mini blogs, because it’s so quick and easy it takes no effort to share so you get more content.  Members used to blog about their rides, but it took effort and they were quite rare.
    • WD said he thinks we still need a blog post feature to share minutes and other content.
    • We had already discussed the importance of our calendar and how we think Dan Grylls idea is the solution to it working well.
    • The plan is to discuss our website needs over the next few meetings and then build it in the new year after the busy Christmas period.
    • Potential web development team:  Andrew M, Steve W, Matt B, Dan G & WD
    • Action WD to create a shared Google Doc to list ideas, requirements, text ect.

8: Christmas Party

    • After the last meeting WD checked and we had not booked our Christmas Party.  He got the available dates from the Royal William and the committee chose Saturday December 14.
    • The Christmas Party is being held at the Royal William in the Cranham Suite on  Saturday 14 Dec (7:30 til 11:30pm) 
    • Party up on calendar and members notified on Slack.
    • CS is going to start promoting our party and ask members to pay so confirming they are attending.
    • Last year we had 36 members attend and the room capacity is about 60.
    • WD has created a Christmas party club spreadsheet to track attendance and food orders. Tabs for each year. Shared with committee.
    • WD happy to track attendance and food orders in the spreadsheet which can then be sent to the Royal William the week before the party. He does insist members post their food orders on the calendar so he can just look at one list, not have to trawl through slack posts.
    • CS will track members payments and then pay the Royal William.
    • Action Ask our design guru Steve White if he would kindly do us a graphic.

9: Maintenance Evening 

  • Discussed the maintenance evening which was very popular in 2018. With so much going on, we have decided to look at holding this in January or February.

10: Treasurer’s Report

    • CS gave us an overview of club funds with all our recent income and expenditure. 
    • Money spent on drinks for Crepe Ride evening.
    • Some members had their extra kit discount money.
    • Summer BBQ costs
    • Club purchased Shock Wiz
    • Deposits paid for North Wales accommodation.
    • We have 2 new  members. Our policy now is that anyone joining this late in the year will not pay the renewal fee next Spring.

11: Club Kit orders

    • Members are keen to order club kit now and so we are starting the order process. We had a huge order last year as it was a new design and many members updated all their kit. We expect this year’s order to be a lot smaller though and so will not get that extra discount off Kalas.
    • DV asked about Kalas samples. JC said they have sent us samples before, but as club members already have a wide range of their kit, it is not felt that we need this.
    • Kalas offer a huge range of sports kit and we discussed how many options to offer. Members need to bear in mind how much work is entailed in tracking all the orders and CS has to manage a huge and complex spreadsheet.
    • Looking to offer the same options as last year with the same agreed design.
    • WD suggested the club order quite a few standard MTB jerseys for new members to purchase next Summer so saving having to wait until the following year.
    • CS, WD and SW have very kindly volunteered to manage the club kit order again.
    • Action CS to create a new shared Google sheet for the order. This can then be duplicated and updated each year making things a lot easier.
    • Action WD to  track and enter orders details in the sheet again.
    • Action SW to contact our sponsors and Kalas re current pricing.


    • Adam Hampson is stepping down as our membership secretary. The committee would like to thank Adam for all the hard work he has put in over the years and hope he can get out for regular rides with us in the future. 
    • Action club to seek a replacement membership secretary.

Next meeting date set for

    • Wednesday 6 November 8-9pm  at the Royal William. 
    • SW has already put this in the calendar
    • Action, WD to print and bring meeting topics in the future.
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