September club meeting minutes

Meeting Chaired by 

Adam Wass (WS)


Adam Wass (WS), Steve White (SW), Adam Hampson (AH), Chris Smart (CS), William Danter (WD), Ian Rickard (IR)


 Olli Bert (OB), Antony Corinaldi  (AC), Janet Clarke (JC)


Minutes taken by 

William Danter (WD)

Date & Venue

Wednesday 4 September at the Royal William

1: Previous meeting minutes

  • AW said he was sorry he could not attend the last meeting due to a family bereavement and thanked the committee for filling in for him. SW said this was no problem and expressed the clubs sympathy for his loss.
  • The August minutes were read out and the committee agreed they were correct.

2: North Wales away weekend

  • AC brought up the issue of Andrew Maddison’s booking being taken on Slack by Kev Dingsdale when there was a waiting list. We agreed this was not fair and that those on the list should have first choice.  This comprised of David Randall, Nick Bennet and Ian Rickard. However, AC has not been able to get a response from DR, NB was not able to confirm if he could go and said he would make his own arrangements if he could and IR withdrew due to his shoulder injury.  So in the end it looked like there would not be a problem for KD to take AM’s place.
  • AH asked about evening dining options and SW informed us there were many in Betws-y-Coed.
  • With a wide range of riders going, members are organizing their own preferred rides.  Saturday has a group going to Revs Bike Park, while others are riding trails. JC and the girls are going MTB Karting on Sunday.
  • WD said there was talk on the recent Tuesday ride about maybe getting a ride in around Dyfi, but the club lacked trail knowledge. WD said he had met a local trail guide at the recent Enduro races there and this could be of interest to members in the future.
  • Slack channel #trip-bf-north-wales
  • WD has created a Google Sheet for the weekend, CS has edited it to track payments and AC is managing members bookings.

3: British Cycle Insurance

  • SW had arranged this at a cost of £99.
  • CS transferred payment to SW.
  • However, British Cycling have emailed saying that we are near the end of the year for cover as they start taking renewals in October.
  • Action. SW to check and get clarification on this.

4:  Shock Wiz


5: Upcoming Races

  • Eastridge WGES Mash Up Enduro Sunday 15  September.
  • FOD Mini Enduro Oct 20th.
  • Both races up on calendar.
  • Oli B, Matt B, Janet C, Alex, Richie A and Steve A have entered the Mini Enduro.
  • With the progression of members riding, we are seeing more interest in Enduro races


6: New WebSite

  • Discussed team and rough time scale to build a new website.
  • Looking at the start of next year but planning can start before then.
  • Andrew M, Steve W, Matt B, Dan G & WD all happy to work on website. 
  • Set up a Slack channel and Google DOC  to discuss ideas & share work.
  • Complete new website in WordPress. SW has a theme he uses and is familiar with.
  • Dan G is working on how to share a Slack channel feed to the calendar.

7: Cheltenham Cycling Festivals

  • WD emailed to say unfortunately the  Club could not contribute to the event on September 1st, but to keep us informed of future Festivals so we could help promote cycling.
  • Contacts are: 
  •     Volunteer organiser
  • Louise Forey, Participation and Engagement Team Leader (Job Share), Commissioning, Cheltenham Borough Council, Tel 01242 264297. Please note my working days are Mon – Wed

8: Treasurer’s Report

  • CS gave a brief overview of club finances.


  • A few members have mentioned that ride start times are getting a bit late.
  • Action: Remind members they need to plan to be ready for ride start times.
  • AH informed us we currently have around 80 members.
  • Discussed the maintenance evening and decided to hold this in November.
  • Will decide on date at October meeting.
  • AH asked if we had booked the Cranham suite for the Christmas meal as we left it a bit late last year.
  • SW thought we had. WD checked through minutes and could not see anything and he had not put the date in the calendar.
  • ActionWD to check on Christmas meal/party booking at the Royal William and to put date in the calendar.
  • AW said said it would be nice to invite some of our sponsors to the Christmas party and committee agreed.

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday 2 October 8-9pm  at the Royal William. 
  • SW has already put this in the calendar
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