August club meeting minutes

Meeting Chaired by

William Danter (WD)


William Danter (WD), Chris Smart (CS), Ian Rickard (IR)



Adam Wass, Adam Hampson & Steve White on holiday

Minutes taken by

Chris Smart

Date & Venue

Wednesday 14 August at the Royal William 

1: Previous meeting minutes

  • Committee agreed these are correct

2: Summer BBQ feedback

  • Katy Curd was ill so could not coach us unfortunately
  • Need a better BBQ next year
  • First outing for the new flag
  • Smaller turn out than 2018 but members still enjoyed the day

3: British Cycle Insurance

  • Buzz had made the point that we should have insurance for our ride leaders
  • Steve White has arranged this at a cost of £99
  • CS transferred payment to SW

4: North Wales away weekend

  • Accommodation for Friday 25 and Saturday 26 October
  • Slack channel #trip-bf-north-wales
  • WD created Google Sheet, CS has edited it to track payments and AC is managing members bookings
  • Details can be finalized at the next meeting when Anthony & Steve are back off holiday

5: Walkie Talkies

  • Proposal by Dave MG to look at walkie talkies
  • IR said said the club had a set of Walkie Talkies a few years back but found the range very limiting. We looked at the range of this Motorola & decided they would be of little use.
  • Blurb from web site “Please note that range may vary depending on environment actual range in built up areas is estimated around 1-2km”

6: Shock Wiz

7: ArdRock

  • All members keeping entries for 2020
  • Event is always the first weekend in August

8: Upcoming Races

  • BNES & WGES at Dyfi at the end of August
  • Could be a fun weekend away for racers
  • William supplying catering
  • Mini Enduro Oct 20th
  • Oli, Matt B, Janet, Alex, Richie A
  • Action WD to post Mini Enduro on calendar
  • With the progression of members riding, were seeing more interest in Enduro races

9: Tuesday night rides

  • We need to post rides earlier for members
  • Mikey is now posting Tuesday rides as Adam has a lot on, but needs direction on ride locations
  • Ride members not using website so makes it hard to gauge numbers & grouping
  • Dan Grylls has an idea for linking Slack feed to website calendar?
  • Need new website? See what comes of Dan’s Slack link, then think about future changes / upgrades. Andrew M first port of call as our current web-master.
  • Lights starting to be needed
  • Members should have small rear lights & maybe one front light
  • Maybe post about light type and use for new membersCheck club lights are ready to loan out to new members
  • LL can arrange demo lights again if desired. Possibility of other demo items (eg: winter has a few reps visit LL after-hours to demo new products)

10: Cheltenham Festival of Cycling

  • Taking place on Sunday September 1 on Montpellier Gardens
  • Council planning to hold 4 Festivals a year
  • They are looking for volunteers so put this to members
  • Club could look at a presence at the Festival
  • William has flyers for local bike shops
  • Club to share Festival posts
  • Naz Whites company TomCat normally attends
  • More details here:
  • Volunteers need and to contact

11: Treasurer’s Report

  • CS gave us an overview of balance & future outgoing


  • Evening maintenance night to be planned for when the nights start closing-in. Oct?
  • Venue @ Royal William with similar set-up to last time. 3 or 4 stations and possibly some food too.
  • Tool kit. Donation of the tap tool to thread the inner of the steerer tube to accept the multi-tool that fits inside.
  • Club assets page to be updated.

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday 4 September 8-9pm at the Royal William.
  • SW has already put this in the calendar

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