July club meeting minutes

Meeting Chaired by

Adam Wass (AW)


Ian Rickard (IR), Chris Smart (CS) Steve White (SW) William Danter (WD)


 Janet Clarke (JC) Antony C (AC)


Adam Hampson (AH)

Minutes taken by 

William Danter (WD)

1: Previous meeting minutes

AW had not seen the previous June minutes, WD accessed the club google drive account and read them out to all present. 

2: North Wales away weekender

Discussed the Slack channel #trip-bf-north-wales as a few members were not aware of it. SW explained he created the channel in 2018 for the trip and that like other annual events, we can just update name if needed. This saves having to create a new channel and add everyone who is interested each year. It’s not a numbered channel so places below numbered channels. All interested members were being added.

AC has been looking into accommodation and prepared a great spreadsheet for us to look at. Discussed different accommodation and catering options. 

  •  Accommodation for Friday 25 and Saturday 26 October
  • Large group size could be hard for one hotel/bunkhouse to accommodate though
  • Thinking of staying at Woodlands centre
  • Action AC to firm up options, numbers and then book

3: Membership cards 

All membership cards are now out except Jason Ayres who lives in the US and one new member who has not given us his address so card could not be sent.

WD proposed we should post all cards out on renewal next year and that the extra work could be shared between the committee

4:  Shock Wiz

Discussed the Shock Wiz we have agreed to purchase off Dan Venn. AW proposed we set up a slack channel for the Shock Wiz so members can arrange to use it. Thoughts are that this will be popular and hopefully members will be considerate and not hog its use for ages at a time. Hoping  that members share the use of this club asset without any oversight from the committee. WD proposed we share how to use video links and JC mentioned Andrew Maddison has just written a blog about using it and this could be useful.

5: Treasurer’s Report

  • CS gave us an overview of all income and outgoings.
  • About 98 percent of members left club kit order refunds for spending on club social fun ect
  • Money put aside for Summer BBQ  and Shock Wiz
  • New club flag paid for and delivered 
  • Discussed what we could spend our money on for the benefit of members
  • Possible outdoor adventure first aid course

6: Crepe Ride

WD said they Crepe Ride was a success and proved popular with over 30 riders attending and we were blessed with great weather as well.

  • Over £120 raised for MS
  • Some  members donated directly to charity
  • WD transferred £120 to the MS Society on July 14
  • Bill for Beers  £24 & Ice £8 Total £32  
  • CS transferred payment for this to WD
  • WD would not accept any money towards cost of Crepes
  • Some great photos taken

7: Summer BBQ 

Discussed our upcoming BBQ in detail. We don’t have access to the BBQ we borrowed last year so will need to source one for day. 

  • BBQ being held on Sunday 28 July
  • Venue Redhill Extreme
  • WD lending club 2 Gazebos with weights & stakes 
  • We still need a BBQ
  • CS to get food stock from work as they specialise in Event Catering
  • Encourage members to bring foods n drinks
  • Holding the Cake Bake off again as popular and we all love cake
  • Sweets for the kids
  • Fun competitions, chainless and pump track races.
  • WD proposed we invite our sponsors 
  • Action SW to do a graphic to help promote the BBQ
  • Action JC to contact Katy Curd re price for giving dirt jump lessons on the day
  • Action JC to get 3 x £10 Leisure Lakes vouchers as prices
  • Slack channel #19-bigfoot-summer-bbq


Discussed the need for insurance cover with British cycling.  AW wants to our ride leaders to be covered when leading rides. Club had let membership  of British cycling lapse due to sponsorship queries potential adding increased cost.

  • SW to sort British cycling membership

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday 7 August  8-9pm at the Royal William and SW has already put this in the calendar
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