May club meeting minutes 2019

May meeting minutes

13 March 2019  8 pm  Royal William

Meeting Chaired by

Steve White (SW


Steve White (SW), William Danter (WD), Adam Hampson (AH) Ian Rickard (IR)


Dave Marsden Green, Kev Dingsdale, Paul Wherton, Mike Hampson


Adam Wass (AW) & Chris Smart (CS)

Minutes taken by

William Danter (WD)

1: Summer BBQ

  • Club would like to hold the Summer BBQ around  6-7 or 27-28 July
  • Redhill is the preferred venue, now owned by Pedal a Bike Away and re opened Monday 11 May
  • AW in contact with Redhill regarding booking options
  • KD spoke about possibility of using the 417, not so much space and doubt they would  allow BBQ as it would infringe on their Cafe
  • Interest in holding club monthly meeting at the 417 Cafe and pre meeting pump track ride:)
  • IR & JC put forward the idea of a coaching session. This was well received and club will look into possibilities

2: Summer Post Ride Crepe Evening

After the success of last years post ride Crepe evening, WD is planning this fun social evening again.  Standish worked well with good riding, central located for members and Haresfield Beacon has great views with the sun setting on that side of the hill.

  • Proposed date of Tuesday 4 or 25 of June depending on weather and WD’s work commitments
  • Date to be confirmed with weather forecast 4 days in advance
  • WD to supply Crepes at no charge
  • Club to pay for Beers and Drinks. WD will get these
  • Volunteers needed to help make Crepes, SW offered his help and WD thinks Paul Taylor may be up to help
  • WD has invited LLB Chelt staff, think about 3 are interested
  • WD put forward the idea of moving ride start time forward to 6-6:15 pm allowing more time at the end of the ride for Crepes and drinks. Rides used to start at 6pm back in the day:) Decided best to leave start time as standard as this allows more time to get to ride
  • WD needs to know rough numbers to cater for, so important to post in advance:)
  • We will be able to make about 30 Crepes in time available
  • Any money raised will be donated to

3: Raffle prizes and membership

  • 417 uplift prizes still to hand out
  • Still a lot of members not collected their cards. WD asked about mailing them out, but it creates a lot of work for the our membership administrator.  Something we need to sort out as members needs their cards

4: Cheltenham Festival of Cycling

  • Being held this Sunday May 19
  • Family cycling event
  • Nazia White will be there representing TomCatUk
  • Leisure Lakes Cheltenham will be on site
  • SW is going and plans to have  a chat with Phil Landray of Leisure Lakes to see how the club sponsorship is going for them and any future collaborations or promotional ideas
  • WD said they definitely  seem to be getting more business from the club and with the closer relationship, members are getting a better service

5: Shock Wiz

  • Dan V has asked if the club would like to buy his Shock Whiz
  • Cost about £160, they are getting on for £300 new
  • Members could then use it to help set up their suspension
  • Shops charge about £50 to hire them
  • A few members have used and have found them a good tool
  • Conceinse from meetings was positive and will decide at the next meeting when CW is present

6: More XC rides  

  • Feedback that we are not doing enough XC rides
  • Many in the club are loving the more Gnarly trails, but we need to make sure we post XC rides and with PW out of action need more members to post up and lead XC rides.
  • JC will be posting a Gap Ride soon

7: North Wales away trip

  • Club want to arrange another October away trip to North Wales as so many great trails up there and great feedback from last year when we had 20 odd riders go
  • SW to look at accommodation
  • We will then  need someone to take on organising this
  • Proposed date of  October 19-20
  • WD will post on calendar once basics are agreed

8: Maintenance evening

  • This was very well received last May
  • However, with so many rides planned taking advantage of the long summer evenings, we plan to do this again in the autumn or winter months

9: Treasurer’s Report

  • Chris Smart has been very busy and not had time to give us an update
  • Sure we will have a report at the next meeting

10: AOB

  • Pedal a Bike Away open late every  Thursday evening and interest in
  • May be organise some Thursday Rides there?  Can’t beat post ride food and beer:)
  • More events to be added to calendar

Next meeting date set for

  • Wednesday 5 June 8-9pm  at the Royal William and SW has put this in the calendar
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