March club meeting minutes 2019

March meeting minutes

13 March 2019  8 pm  Royal William

Meeting Chaired by

Adam Wass (WS)


Chris Smart (CS), Adam Hampson (AH), Steve White (SW) & William Danter (WD)


John Mcrone popped in to pay membership renewal and say Hi


Ian Rickard

Minutes taken by

William Danter

Pre Meeting

    • SW informed all present that Ian has had his operation and is now back home recovering. The club all wish Ian a full and speedy recovery and hope to see him back on the trails soon
    • WD asked the committee to check that the format of the minutes Google doc looked ok, pointing out he still needed to edit the header

1: Club Casual Wear

AW has visited the in Barnwood Gloucester who specialise in producing sports and causal kit. They have a wide range of kit with the printing and embroidery done on site. Their service would include a BigFootMBC page with our chosen casual kit options where members could order just one or more items. The chosen item/items would then be prepared and sent to the member with no input from the club needed.

AW brought pictures of a variety of  different Hoodies and T Shirts with the club design to be viewed and commented on the garment quality.  There were two T Shirt options, but as the better quality T Shirt with printing and embroidery was only £12, this was the preferred option. Quite a few Hoodie options, but one matches our kit well with a lighter blue inside the collar. CS commented it would be nice if we could have one with a full length zipper and AH asked about Beanie hat options.

AW said Macron would need the club logo in a vector file, SW said he has already made one for the club so no extra charge for this.

    • T Shirt £12 plus postage
    • Hoodie £25 plus postage
    • Action WS to look at Hoodie options with a zipper, checking that all chosen garments come in ladies and gents fit. Also to look at Beanie hat options.

BigFoot mountain bike club

2 Renewals

    • Only 12 members renewed up to the meeting
    • CS posted on Slack to kick start uptake and will continue to prompt members
    • Remind members that they need in date membership cards to get club discounts at shops
    • Ben Roberts very kindly collected club membership cards from the printers
    • SW brought new cards in for AH to start giving out as members renew membership
    • SW paid for membership cards and CS will reimburse him from club funds

3 Club kit

    • New Club kit delivered to SW’s house
    • SW & CS to label the 90 odd items of kit ready for members to collect
    • SW proposed a Saturday 23 March kit collection  & club photo shoot by Ben Roberts
    • Royal William 9am start time to hand out kit with a 10am photo shoot
    • Ben Roberts has work later that day so photo shoot needs to be first thing in the morning
    • SW to put date & times on Slack to try and encourage take up
    • SW to organise another club photo shoot showcasing the diversity of the club. Size, age gender ect.

BigFoot Kalas kit

4 Google DOCs & Sheets

    • WD asked the committee to all check they could view and edit shared docs and sheets
    • AH said he could not view Google docs on his company laptop due to company security but could use his personal laptop
    • All monthly meeting minutes to be kept on google docs and posted on web site news feed for members to view
    • WD has created a club events google sheet to help organise and track away days

5 MidSummer Standish Post Ride Crepe Evening

After  the success of last years post ride Crepe evening, WD is planning to repeat this fun evening and asked if there was any need to change location. AH commented that Standish worked well with good riding, central located for members and Haresfield Beacon has great views with the sun setting on that side of the hill.

    • Proposed date of Tuesday 4 or 25 of June depending on weather and WD’s work commitments
    • WD to supply Crepes at no charge
    • Volunteer needed to help make Crepes
    • Donations welcome to a local charity to be decided
    • Club to supply Beers and Drinks

6 Treasure Report

    • CS gave a full and detailed report on all income and  expenditure
    • This is available if any member feel the need to examine it
    • Daryl paid accommodation deposit for Scotland trip and CS has reimbursed him from club funds
    • Members have paid deposits for the scotland trip
    • CS kindly paid for new kit due to club account having a £1000 daily transfer limit
    • Club is reimbursing CS over a few payments
    • Extra discount discussed for kit as order passed a certain amount
    • CS has worked out the extra discount per item as this varied on different items
    • Once kit has been delivered, CS will inform members that they can contact him regarding their discount or leave it in the club funds for future events, beers ect

7 Trail Side Litter

WD proposed future post ride litter picking. We often spot areas where we ride that have loads of litter. As the nights draw out, be good if a few members stayed for an extra 15m and picked some litter up to take home and dispose of.

    • Target problem areas
    • Show you love where you live and play
    • Could post about the clubs efforts #TrashTag #LoveWhereYouLive ect
    • Tim Knibbs is  looking at organizing another date for trail  clearing with his forestry commission neighbour

Any other business

    • AH asked if someone can lead taster rides for the next month or so as he does not have the spare time at present
    • Discussed the need for more  XC rides and SW has some ideas to try
    • Positive feedback by members on Paul Wilkinson (Sarge) MTB United Skills coaching session. Paul was very patient explaining technique and another session is planned
    • SW still looking at a new club flag. AW said the club is  happy for WD to fly the flag next to his Street Food at the upcoming LL Cannock demo day
    • SW going to look into an eBike demo day with LL
    • AW Has spoken to the 417 Cafe about having a post pump track ride meeting in the cafe. All agreed this would be fun and a change from the Royal William

Next meeting date set for

  • 8-9pm Wednesday April 10 at the Royal William
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