Monthly meeting minutes 13 February 2019

Monthly meeting minutes

13 February 2019  8 pm  Royal William



Chairman: Adam Wass (Buzz) Media: Steve White (SW) Treasurer:  Chris Smart (CS) Events: William Danter (WD)


Dave Marsden Green


Adam Hampson

Minutes taken by:

William Danter


Last Meeting Follow-up

AGM minutes checked and all ok.

Club renewals

  • Discussed if club should still offer incentives for early renewals (April 1st)
  • Decided this benefits the club and makes administration job easier for our membership secretary
  • Active members benefit from this incentive
  • Membership costs to stay the same, £20 each with  couples at £35
  • Action to offer incentive for early renewals.
  • SW to order membership cards, rough cost of £60 advise and members to laminate them.

Club Kit

  • Club kit ordered and delivery due in Mach
  • Queries from members regarding the delay in order going through. Members informed that it had taken time to get correct artwork off our sponsors, christmas break ect.
  • CS paid for kit out his account due to transfer limit on club funds and has been repaid
  • We have extra discount on kit due to order quantity.
  • Action CS to workout discount and advise us,

Google drive

  • Club Google Drive set up
  • Committee members have their own club email addresses.
  • Members sheet transferred to Club drive with Jason Ayres deleting his original file
  • Use of Google word docs for taking and storing meeting notes
  • Action: WD creating minute word doc to be checked by committee

Casual club wear

  • Few members interested in casual club hoodies and t shirts
  • We would like good quality hoodies and nice classic t shirt
  • SW our design guru will sort artwork
  • Embroidery or printed
  • Action: Buzz to look at options

Banking with HSBC

  • Discussed who are Club banking Signatures ect
  • Who has access, Chris Smart. Previous Matt, Peter Newal
  • Two signatures on account, still needed?
  • Cheque books destroyed. Only access to club funds online
  • Limit for transfer causes a bit of a problem on kit payment
  • CS presented full details of current bank balance and future payments.
  • A full report from the Treasurer is available for any member who wishes to view the details
  • Discussed new flag
  • Action: SW to price a new flag, using the old pole.

Any other business

  • Notes for future meetings that the Royal William WiFi password is: Hotrocks
  • Redhill future could be in jeopardy.
  • Action WD to speak to Jake and offer help for dig days.
  • Discussed eBike demo days. LeisureLakesBikes running there Cannock demo day and SW looking in to local eBike demo
  • Sarge working on his Bike skills course

Next meeting date set for

8-9pm Wednesday March 13 at the Royal William

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