2019 AGM – Meeting Date 15/01/19

Meeting Date: 15 January 2019

Meeting chaired by: Steve White (outgoing Chairman)

Minutes taken by: Adam Hampson

Attendees: Paul.W, Kev.D, Ian.R, Janet.C, Adam.W

Committee Members in Attendance: Steve White, Adam Hampson, William Danter, Chris Smart


Apologies: None

1: Club Kit
* Ready to order, final check by Chris.S and then it will be placed.
* Kit will be delivered to Steve.W and will take around 8-12 weeks.
* There will be a surplus of monies that will be returned to the membership (Kalas have given us a discount)
* Chris.S will have to transfer funds to his personal account over a few days and then pay the full amount of the bill Kalas, this is because the club account will not allow that size of payment in 1 go. The Committee thanks him for doing this….

2: Google Drive
Kev.D has kindly offered to set up Gmail accounts for all members of the committee, these will stay with the positions and will transferred to new committee members as they change hands. This will cut out the need for members to use their personal emails for club business and improve the change over process.

4: Membership
* Club membership currently stands at 102, with number of interested potential new members riding with the club.
* New Membership cards have been designed and check, these will be ordered asap to be ready for the new membership year.

5: Red Hill
* Redhill may not open this year, it takes too long to get ready and doesn’t really make any money.
* It was suggested that we contact Jake and ask if they’d like the club’s help in getting ready for the new year and support our friends in the coming year.

6: Monies
Roughly £400 left in the account after kit etc has been paid for.

* Website could do with a freshen up/rework.
* Suggested we post every ride on the website.
* Steve.W to look at Casual wear for members
* Suggested that we post Taster rides on ‘Meet Up’ website?
* Look into the possibility of getting a demo for Ebikes?
* The club Constitution has been wrote, but needs to be on the website.

To end the meeting the new Committee was voted in, no one challenged any position and the Committee is as follows….
Chairman – Adam Wass
Vice Chairman – Ian Richard
Treasurer – Chris Smart
Social/Media Secretary – Steve White
Membership Secretary – Adam Hampson
Events Secretary – Wiliam Danter

To end the meeting our new Chairman (Adam Wass) thanked the out going Chairman Steve White for his hard work and dedication over the last 2 years. In that time we’ve had many improvements to the club, the introduction to Slack and the start of our sponsorship with Leisure Lakes + Pedal Cover as support from the 417 and Sprung. Although Steve will continue on the Committee in another capacity.

Meeting called to end with the new Committee ready for the year ahead.

Next meeting planned 06/02/19

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