Meeting Minutes: 14 Nov 2018

Location:  Royal William Pub, Cranham @ 8:00pm

Committee Members: Steve White (SW), Adam Hampson (AH), William Danter (WD), Chris Smart (CS)
Others: Kev Dingdale (KD), Barney Smart (BS), Ian Rickard (IR) & Janet Clarke (JC)
Apologies: Tim Knibbs (TK)

1. Club Kit

• WD kit order updated. Current order 74 items £3,662 total.
• Cutoff date this Sunday.
• ACTION: Check order spreadsheet by WD, SW & CS.
• ACTION: SW to distribute a summary for each member to double-check.
• Members to pay into club before we place order.
• Prob mid-Dec after monies received before order being placed.

2. Membership
• AH confirmed currently at 96 members.

3. Treasurer’s report

• Full details available to members on request to the Treasurer (CS) or any other committee member. No details published on minutes as they are being published on a public web-site.
• 417 night – IR dropped out, KD replacing.
• ACTION: JC booking venue as we now have 10 members (the min required for sole-use).
• ACTION: CS to pay JC from club after she pays 417.

4. Christmas Party

• 23 people signed-up with meal choices at the moment.
• Club to fund 1st round of drinks with the usual raffle to run. Raffle collection almost covers round so should be net £nil cost to club.
• 1st Dec food order deadline for Royal William.
• ACTION: CS to check with Royal William if deposit is needed.
• ACTION: SW to publicise that attendees need to pay into the club a/c next week.
• ACTION: SW to check with Andrew on how the voting system works. Can it be set-up again for this year. Discussed about having a shortlist of nominees, but decided to leave it as free-form text for people to pick whoever they think.
• New award “Ayres Contribution Award” to be added. Award not open to Committee members.
• ACTION: SW to publicise the raffle – bring some donations to the raffle and the theme of the night.
• Theme for the night discussed. Bad Taste Night decided upon. The most outrageous the better!
• Invite extended to key staff from LeisureLakes.
• ACTION: WD to discuss with LeisureLakes. Committee happy to invite a small number (3 or 4) to the meal. Payment from each LeisureLakes staff will be required.
• ACTION: SW to Invite Jake at Sprung & Katy Kurd. If they turn up, they should pay for their own meal.
• ACTION: JC to discuss donations for prizes with LeisureLakes.
• Club to contribute to Christmas Party prizes.

5. Christmas Ride

• ACTION: SW to post a Group ride on web calendar on Sat 22nd and publicise on Slack. Daytime ride (morning).
6. New Year Away-Day
• Ride discussed. Trail-Centre based. Early Jan.
• Location TBC.
• Confirm next meeting / over Slack.

7. Meeting Minutes

• ACTION: CS to publish on the website as a news-feed so they are available for all members.
i. AH confirmed membership database is cleansed and only data retained relates to current members and data is necessary for membership admin only.

8. AOB

• ACTION: SW to design and print membership cards for 2019 in advance of April membership renewal, including adding sponsor names/logos on card.

• Committee
i. Annual Jan 19 vote for re-election.
ii. SW confirmed he will stand-down from Chair and not put himself forward for re-election to this role, but will retain the link for sponsorship and possibly put himself forward for another committee role.
iii. ACTION: SW to publicise the re-election process and ask for volunteers for positions.

• LeisureLakes Deal
i. So far is going really well. Hope light demo-night went down well. Good feedback.
ii. Exposure demo night planned for 20th
iii. WD & SW handed-back Hope lights on 14th
iv. LeisureLakes mentioned they might look at discount if they had a bulk order
v. Any other demo-nights we may want (saddles perhaps… bikes at LeisureLakes 417?)

• Slack
i. Warning message re: space running out when posting pictures was mentioned.
ii. We operate Slack using the free subscription so old posts are removed to make way for new ones.
iii. No plans to pay for further storage.

• Trail maintenance / conservation volunteering
i. TK was in discussions with local group to help with maintenance/conservation of trails around Cranham.
ii. ACTION: TK to pick-up again in the New Year when his time allows

• Peaty’s Bikes and Beers evening
i. Pre event drinks discussed
ii. Post event curry and drinks discussed
iii. ACTION: All – to arrange and discuss further over Slack / on rides
iv. WD has tickets. Plan to meet to hand-over tickets before event.
v. ACTION: WD to confirm on Slack the meeting point & time to hand-over all tickets.

9. Next Meeting: Weds 12th December

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  1. Thanks to all the committee for all the great work they are doing for our club & good to see we have taken Andrews advice on keeping better meeting minutes for transparency ect?

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