Tues Ride – Beer, Ambulances and Broken Bikes!

Well…an eventful evening ride in lovely sunny weather.
Meeting at the Royal William, there were enough of us to split into 3 groups who all wanted to call themselves ‘Blue’ at the start but were probably more like Kev leading a ‘Social’ Blue, Janet leading out the Blues with the Red group taking off with the 2 Steves, Dan, Adam and Richie (but I probably missed somebody from this list)… anyway I took up ‘back-marker’ in Kev’s group as I rode over from home and didn’t fancy struggling home with jelly-legs after a quicker-paced ride.

Kev’s group welcomed back Nick who joined us for his 2nd Bigfoot ride, this time with a brand new FS bike and Adrian who came along for the first time to see what we were all about with Juho following Kev.

After the other 2 groups headed off, Kev took us upto the Beacon where we spotted some of the quicker group walking around at the bottom of the beacon hill. Scoping out new lines perhaps, Kev disagreed as there was nothing there to scope out and thought they must have stopped to pick up something. Heading down from the top of the beacon it became clear that they had stopped to pick up something… bits of carbon fibre and other debris from Adam’s new bike. I didn’t see it happen, so I’ll leave somebody else to tell the story but I did see the aftermath of a ‘Taco’d’ front wheel and a carbon handlebar that had snapped completely in half! Glad to say that Adam was fine with only a big bruise to the wallet and a short walk back to his car.

We headed off to do a couple of runs down Walkers. I can never remember the numbers, but we did the left-hand one with the bomb-hole at the end and then the right-hand one that is closest to the road. All good fun and the trails were lovely and dry.
Heading back Kev took us around to do the less-well-used drop, near to the bit where you can cross the road to start the Walkers trail … somebody else can explain where this was. The 2 new riders both took Kev’s advice to get off and had a look at the drop so they could decide if they fancied it or not.

Kev led Juho down and then Nick followed. I was waiting at the top chatting to Adrian when we heard a bit of commotion. We figured Nick had come off and didn’t think much about it, but it did persuade Adrian to go back around the easy route. I dropped down to find Nick sitting down with Juho and Kev milling around him. Nick’s tumble turned out to be a bit more serious with a very painful shoulder that didn’t look even compared to the other one. He wasn’t getting back on the bike so Kev called an Ambulance. Juho rode back to the Royal William to get his car and came back to pick up Nick’s bike and then headed off home.
Ambulance couldn’t tell if it was broken or dislocated but after some swapping of numbers, we left Nick in the capable hands of the Ambulance and thinking of making the call to his wife!

Now we were down to 3 riders and not much time left, so a gentle ride back, a very short small loop into the edge of Popes and back to the car-park to swap stories and have a beer.

Thankfully it was an uneventful ride home with Kev, but glad I had my lights.

Hope you’re OK Nick and thanks Juho for looking after his bike.

Nick Waiting for Ambulance

Ambulance arriving

Nick being sorted

Concerned onlookers


Buzz’s mangled bike

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  1. Great write up Chris. Thanks to all the greens for looking after Nick.

    Buzz came a cropper on one of the downs over the back of the golf course. Basically it seems he didn’t have enough air in his front tyre and… well the photos explain the outcome a lot better.

    After we stood around poking fun at an unhurt Buzz the reds continued to thrash out all the walkers runs before heading over to the Cranham DH sections. They were as challenging as ever and a tad greasy too. Rich took a few tumbles, and Chris O ‘sat down’ as he put it – haha. But no more broken collar bones or mashed wheels.

    Then it was time for beer (or shandy in my case) to reflect, and generally have a right ol’ laff!

    Cheers all. I guess this is a timely reminder to say that it pays to ride in groups as things can go south pretty quickly.

  2. Get well soon Nick, and sorry about the bad luck Andy.
    Otherwise thanks everyone for a great red group ride. This ride was more red for technical this time rather than aerobic exercise, although there was a good deal of that too. High speed through the Walkers and then great fun trying to improve technique on the Cranham DH. Am getting there slowly, although I’m well aware that conditions are dry at the moment and I’m not sure how I will cope with the DH’s in the wet! Looking forward to next ride, cheers all

  3. Wishing Nick a speedy recovery?
    Glad Buzz is ok, that is the 2nd front wheel no? DH Bars & Wheels maybe?

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