Saturday FoD off-piste

We all met a Mallards Pike.  We’d agreed various start times to attract as many as possible.  The good thing about Staple Edge is that it’s not so big that you can’t find the main group when you arrive.  There was about 13 of us in the end when everyone met up.

We ran the usual DH runs, including Heckler and Screaming Trees and plenty others I can’t remember the names of?

Couple of minor offs caused by a back wheel slipping out (Simon) and the other one by somebody’s handlebars getting stuck in their shorts (Adam).

It was baking hot by this time, but luckily we were sheltered by the trees a lot.  Oh yeah, of worthy note is the sweat inducing climb that Steve A sent us up to bring us quickly to Staple Edge cottage. Hopefully the first and last time we’ll be tackling that climb on such a hot day.

All ended with with no major incidents.

A few of us then went over to Worcester Lodge and ran 3 downhill tracks which Janet led us to.  The climb back up from those was rather steep as well.  They were technically challenging and great fun to do.  One of them has a technical lead in to a slab drop off which we finished up on.  Wouldn’t like to do that one in the wet as I doubt you could scrub of the speed needed to exit gracefully.

After that, we cycled to the FoD Pedalbikeaway (downhill thank goodness) and had a bit of lunch and a chat.

It was such a nice day/ride out, so thanks for the organisers, and the various ride leads who made it all happen.

Couple of pics’ below that Chris O and I managed to grab.

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  1. Nice write up Kev, cheers dude. But … you didn’t mention my suicidal lunge at the HUGE road gap, or, DROP in my case – haha

    Excellent session!! Can’t wait to do it all again 😀

  2. Great day out, thanks all. Was satisfying to do the steeper roll-off, which is steeper than it looks in the photo, however my previous tyre repairs objected to the massive compression at the bottom by squirting fluid out. A quick superglue repair (thanks for the superglue SteveA) meant I was OK for the rest of the day though. The ride over to the Worcester Lodge area was also expertly put together by IanR, taking in nice single track, but my, that was a hot ride in places! Thanks for the lunch Kev, next one is on me! Cheers all!

  3. Yes Steve, regarding your road gap jump, just behind I did hear a very loud clatter/bang followed by much raucous laughter, so well done dude!

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