Mad Dogs and Bigfoot Men (& Lady)

Tuesday’s ride started from Leckhampton Hilltop Car Park next to the ‘Grand Designs’ house. Enough of us turned up on a perfect Summer’s evening to split into two groups. Steve W led off the quicker Blues planning on running a few slightly technical sections linked with some nice XC while Ben offered to lead a second group around a classic XC route taking in the best views and countryside that Leckhampton has to offer.

Steve’s Blues welcomed a couple of guest-riders who came out to see what Bigfoot was all about so I hope Adam and Emily had a good ride despite being subject to Steve’s leadership!

According to the Met Office, it topped-out at 28 degrees at 6pm yesterday but it felt much hotter than that.

I opted to join Ben’s group with Dave M-G, Rob, Barney and Mark, while Steve took the others.

I don’t know my way around the area at all, so just followed Ben through sections I think should have been called Bramble-Alley and Death-By-Nettles, but according to Strava we got Stuck in a rut, Shab Climb, Sneak through the wood, Tony’s Valley, Ball Cock Hill, Pegglesworth & One crank hill climb. Edit – this is where we went: Hot Tuesday Ride

Mark peeled-off early to head to the pub! Plenty of wildlife spotted including a few Deer and a Slow Worm. Plenty of stopping for drinks and breathers with Ben doing a stirling job of keeping us together and checking everybody was OK.

Thankfully, no issues to report from either group this evening, apart from Mark needing to remove Sheep Poo from his person and Steve A getting whipped in the face by a Bramble. Those scratches are going to ruin your tan!

The heat effects people differently!

How did sheep poo get there?!

Slow Worm

What a fine-group of gentlemen!

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  1. Nice one guys, hopefully I can join you next time! A good thing that SteveA always rides with glasses, certainly something to consider

  2. Great ride! Bloomin Ben played a blinder!! I’d like to add 1 heron to the list plus much talk of wallabies on the loose. Show & tell on rides should be made compulsory. Looking forward to heading over to Timbercombe in near future. I think the gravitational pull of the Green Dragon got the better of Mark

  3. Sounds great fun and yes it was blistering hot
    Have been around that area lately myself piecing together some good routes.
    Hope the brambles haven’t ruined Stevo’s ha some looks ?

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