Eastgate cycles Runway Rumble.

Well it was that time again for the Runway Rumble road event run by Graham from Eastgate cycles Gloucester .

A few of us did it last year and enjoyed it as you start at 8pm and you have 4 hours to thrash yourself senseless round Gloucester  ( Staverton) airport runways to see how many laps you can get in until 12pm.

This year’s event found me very nobby no mates as I was the only Bigfooter to be seen but that didn’t deture me as I wanted to smash my own record .

The head wind on some sections was pretty bad with gusts apparently reaching 26 mph on the airfield ouch in yer face .

I did team up from time to time with some guys and girls from Westbury Wheelers in Wiltshire  who were a great buch but in the end the wind was slowing even the big boys in the main group .

  • All in all it was fun and very social at times when the wind was behind you that is lol.

There wasn’t as many entered this year 139 in all and I managed a 41st place and will be back next year hopefully with some more Bigfooter’s to work together with to increase the pace .

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