F.O.D Wild boar chase XC event 14/5/17

Good Bigfoot turnout for the Forest of Dean Wild boar chase event again today and well done all for representing the club  and completing the event with the at times tricky conditions.

The weather was lush with the sun blazing and the trails well some were great and super fast and all of a sudden you were faced with a slippery mess of rocks and super slick mud of which made you use every muscle in your body to try to stay in a straight line and was very entertaining to watch the person in front flying across the trail at all angles hoping they were not going to bail.

Great organisation from the event hosts with water, juice, bananas, sweets, cakes and bike mechanics at every fuel stop and good support overall.

Plenty of smiling faces with a splattering of mud coming through the finish line and some good cakes a cuppa and a good bit of club banter sharing our stories from the day sat around in the glorious sunshine saw the end of another smashing day with Bigfoot and I am pretty sure we will all be doing it again next year.

Thanks all for cracking day.



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  1. There were some interesting sideways moments on some of the descents as it was pretty slick in places. Good event as usual with lots of places to grab water or snacks if needed.

  2. Another great day out on the Wild Boar with quite a few new faces turning up & having a great time. Performance of the day must be Chris Hands, my initial riding partner, who suffered a mechanical after abt 2 miles, carried bike back to base, fixed it, set off again at 11.15 & bashed out the Hog in a pretty quick time.

    Really good fun again, v slippy in places, had a great time trying to keep up with the younger new faces & only took 30K to figure out Roger’s mate was on an E-bike!!!

  3. A great day of riding, making new acquaintances, reviving old ones and riding with regular buddies. Pretty good conditions although had to think fast sliding on some tracks. Was happy with the 20km/h average, but was a bit of a pain train following PaulW on his carbon bike 🙂 at times and the language was colourful climbing the endless fire road from the Wye valley 😀 Was great fun overtaking burnt out whippets and watching others struggling on rocky descents 😀

  4. ‘Darryl’ really enjoyed it too despite only deciding to do the event the week before. Although we nearly confused one of the signing in ladies when Paul said ‘Hello Andrew’ to him at the start (luckily she didn’t hear us) 😉
    As he’d not done that sort of distance on or off road recently he decided to take it steady and save some energy for all the climbing towards the end of the course – which worked well, he finished feeling pretty good with just a touch of cramp threatening those muscles you don’t know you’ve got until they start playing up!
    Lovely day out and great sunny weather although, as the other guys have said, the rain during the week left some of those descents pretty sketchy. Even more so if you were running baldy summer tyres for a bit more speed on the flat 🙂
    Overall much more enjoyable than the HONC (shorter and no slogging across ploughed fields!) he’d recommend it for anyone fancying a good day out!
    PS. ‘Darryl’ should be easily able to beat this time next year as, thanks to Paul’s mocking, he’s going to finish converting his bikes to tubeless so he won’t have to spend 10min fixing a puncture only to find his pump doesn’t work anymore! Many thanks to the kind Samaritan who stopped to lend him a pump!

  5. Yes Andrew er Darryl sorry no er Andrew it was funny at the start when I shook your hand and said hiya Andrew and you said er no it’s (DARRLY) for a minute I was like er doh and then the penny dropped lol.
    Hopefully we will have you both at next year’s event and who knows what name you’ll use next year.lol.

  6. For the FULL BOAR the results spreadsheet says there were 378 riders. Ian Rickard came 4th, and I came 17th! Well done to Paul W who managed the SMALL BOAR in a similar time to me :-D. Awesome club turnout, well done all!

  7. Steve. I would guess it will either be 13/05 or 20/05 next year so pencil it in lest ye forget or unfortunately get double booked.

  8. Yes once again they recorded me doing the small when I did the full lol.?
    No matter it was fun .

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