Dartmoor Hound Tor away weekend

The legendary Hound Tor on Dartmoor was our base for this Bigfoot away weekend,

Andrew was our guide with his extensive knowledge of Dartmoor and Steve W, Dan and myself Paul W listened intently to his stories of Nutt cracker decent and huge strength sapping climbs as we claimed our sleeping spots in the Hound Tor barn and after off for a pint or two in the local ale house.


The warm sunny Saturday morning arrived and we set off for the top of Hound Tor with it’s huge rocks perched balancing on one another precariously.

We headed out across the beautiful moors weaving our way up and down sweet green  moss covered valleys strewn with huge boulders and very techy climbs and decent’s and pretty little cottages.

One such double S bend mega climb saw us all scrabbling for traction and running out of low gears but Super Dan just kept going clearing it with a cheeky grin lol.

We soon came across the Nutt cracker decent and I could see why it is held in high regard as it should really have a river cascading down it as it is very steep with huge car size boulders you have to squeeze between and you can’t stop and has large step drops as you weave your way down and I was greeted at the bottom by my buddies who had obviously waited a while by a round of applause for getting all the way down without abandoning ship or a single refusal.

We carried on dodging and weaving our way over and  around rock formations with the odd  small hike a bike sections but were always rewarded with stunning single tack and views.


On we pushed until we came across this huge climb up a and I mean up a farm track and then onto a strength sapping spongy grass climb and I think it is called 500ft climb on Strava  that pushed your boundaries to the limit.

Somewhere we did the bottom bracket basher too and we then had a superb drop off the moors down the open hopping and popping off every lump and then down to the Hound Tor burger van for some bacon rolls burgers and a cuppa finished off with a well recommended by Andrew ice cream topped with clotted cream yummy.

What an awesome days riding drew to an end .

Back, showered and off for a walk to the pub for tea and some more ales.

Sunday saw us up bright and early for another cooked breakfast, cheers Dan, top bloke.

Loaded the cars up and set of on a smashing sunny morn, to Princetowns Two bridges.

With slightly tired legs we headed out with promise of no mega hills and today’s ride was a more open moorland adventure with fantastic scenery .

We stopped for a photo shoot at an abandoned house in the middle of the moors and thought we were totally alone until we could hear gunfire and to our shock we were in the middle of a military exercise and the were some soldiers right beside us with there GMP machine guns set up on the wall all camo’d up, what the ! we beat a hasty retreat and we only sustained one bullet wound and that was to Steve’s bike, a hole in his rock guard lol.

We won’t mention Dan’s fall in the peat bog here because  it could have been he was shot off his bike and didn’t take an official tumble.( I cant talk as I was having an I can’t ride a bike day lol )

If you look closely over Dan’s left shoulder you can see the soldiers and we weren’t aware they were there lol

the cracking scenery led us to a rock formation like a dragons back leading up the mountain and some river crossings and onto the Mega Avalanche training decent and the Widow maker decent.

Our adventure was drawing to a close with an awesome decent aka, Hop em like a bunny downhill with endless fast rolling downhill with loads of drainage channels to hop and manual over on the way down.

And on to the cafe for  cuppa and a well deserved full English and for me a BIG breakfast bap.

And there another adventure ends with cracking ride leading from Andrew and truly amazing trails and fantastic company.



Here are a few more shots,

Watch out Dan Wherty’s on the rampage lol.


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  1. Fantastic write up Paul, I think you captured the adventure, blue skies, greenery, fun trails, good company and don’t forget the all important food at the end, yummy! 🙂
    Thanks guys, and big thanks to Andrew for organizing a great weekend away

  2. Another awesome weekend trip chaps! Thanks for letting us know what I missed while I was doing decorating and cutting the lawn ?

  3. Awesome write up, cheers Paul! And thanks guys for not minding me having an explore and trying out some new trails on you 😉

    Don’t forget folks we’ve still got places on the return visit in a couple of weeks (June 3+4) available for those that couldn’t make this date – do shout if you’re interested! Same accommodation and route details – Dan and Paul enjoyed it so much they might come back again then too!


  4. Bloody awesome weekend; the type when it’s all you think about for days after. Loved it, thanks Andrew for organising. We had a right laff too 😀

    (Great write up Paul, cheers dude!!)

  5. Looked great. We had a good CX weekend over Dartmoor, but obviously we missed out the techy up and techy downs. It’s lovely to ride different natural stuff and of course the views are to die for!

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