Proposed diversion of public bridleway at Painswick Golf Course


We have received an application under S119 of the Highways Act 1980 from the owner of the land at Painswick Beacon to divert a section of bridleway that runs along the 8th and 9th fairway of the golf course. The application is made in conjunction with Painswick Golf Club in the interests of public safety. There is a ridge across the fairway that obscures walkers and riders from golfers and vice versa. There have been several near misses in the past few years and a walker was struck by a golf ball as recently as last month.

I have attached a map of the proposals and as you will see there are several other routes for walking and riding without using this section of bridleway. The new bridleway will take riders and walkers away from the blind section of path to join an existing bridleway MPA 133 that skirts the edge of the fairway. There will be no gates and the new path is unenclosed. Would you please give this proposal your consideration and let me have your comments by the end of April. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards.
Martine Tyler
Public Rights of Way Operations | Amey Highways Gloucestershire
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MPA 135 Painswick golf course div plan


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  1. Probably makes sense, I always thought that having a path right in the middle of the golf course was a bit weird 🙂

    Incidentally we met the first instance of ‘grumpy golfers’ I’ve seen when we (me, Rachel and her boys) went for a walk around the beacon the other month. Walking up ‘MPA 5’ towards the Beacon a group were teeing off towards us. There was waving and (quiet) bellowing – I think they wanted us to wait (for how long!?) until they’d all kicked off.

    I pretended I hadn’t understood what they were after which made them even grumpier. We heard them later shouting ‘Fore!’ all over the place. First time I’ve ever seen/heard the golfers behaving like that, maybe they’re being nagged not to whack too many people 😉

  2. I can understand the need/concern for this, as yet I’ve not stopped and worked out exactly where the path will divert.

    It’s worth remembering that these Golfers are using a Public common as a Golf course and have no right to abuse/shout at other users when we get in the way of their shots! If they want exclusive rights of way, they should join a private club! And pay for privilege. I always try not to bother them, I’ve had them being silly when I’ve walk/rode and ran past them in the past (not very often mind)

    I see the Golf club isn’t prepared to divert the holes then? After all the bridle way was there first and they caused the problem by crossing it with their Golf course?!


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