Tubeless tyre inflator hack

not sure how many of you are running tubeless but rather than paying £50 for an air shot I made one out of an old juice bottle, 2 old inner tube valves, lots of gaffer tape and a bit of old tubing. You can pump the bottle up to about 100 psi and hey presto the quickest tubeless install I’ve ever had without a compressor!

All in all cost me about £4!!



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  1. Sounds good. My current issue is that I want to wrap gorrila tape around a rim, tried last December, but I think I needed 3 or 3.5cm wide tape, and I couldn’t see that for sale anywhere. I think I was coming round to the idea of using some other make of tape.

  2. Hi, yes I’ve done this also with a 2 litre coke bottle, works a treat. Sorry Dan – there was no H&S in the Newell household! Infact I quite enjoyed firing wheel bearings out of it at some pigeons afterwards 😉

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