Tubeless tyre inflator hack

not sure how many of you are running tubeless but rather than paying £50 for an air shot I made one out of an old juice bottle, 2 old inner tube valves, lots of gaffer tape and a bit of old tubing. You can pump the bottle up to about 100 psi and hey presto […]

New B1ke Park

This may be old news, but just found out that a new bike park is opening at the end of the month. B1ke Park (Tidworth) are opening Wind Hill in Warminster, this is the old Black Canon Collective stomping ground. A few photos on their Facebook site. Mashy Tidworth Freeride

Your new Committee for 2017

First of all, I’d like to BIG up our outgoing Chair and Club Secretary; Dom W and Bruce. Thanks for all your hard work in 2016 chaps!! So, after some hard fought campaigns, and a VERY competitive voting process (Teehee) may I present your NEW committee: Chairperson: Steve W Vice Chairperson: Darryl W Treasurer: Chris S […]