Sunday lunchtime ride



A late start and summer weather is a good combination. 6 of us met in the car park at the Royal George. We did the XC loop, a combination of the loop suggested in the guide book and local knowledge. With the modifications it is almost road free. It makes such a difference to ride in dry conditions. The climbs feel flat and you can actually ride what was impassable in winter. We had gorgeous views. It really felt like a summer holiday.We finished off by sitting in the garden of the Royal George and having a pint. All very civilized (no wonder, ladies were present). Thanks, team, for coming out. See you all soon again.

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  1. Second all that. Thanks to all for leading & attending. Great fun & it was hot – I took the kids to the Lido after. How about a set off & return to Lido for a Club Ride??

    BTW – sorry about the soaking Suzanne!!

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