Bristol Nightrider: A grand night out

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First a big thank you to all who have sponsored us. We, that is Ali, Dave and Susanne, have raised almost £2000 including gift aid and money match. Thank you again for being so generous.

Now to the event. Ali had not touched a bike for 40 years when we started training about 3 weeks  ago. Gears stayed  slightly mysterious and at the moment she does not want to touch a bike ever again. Dave and I decided that we will work as a team and get Ali through the night even if it costs all Strava trophies of the world. And indeed: team work makes the dream work. The event was smaller than I thought. Perhaps the compulsory money raising for charity put some people off. About 350 people were at the start. It was a real party atmosphere. We were greeted as the Jessie May team ( the charity we raised money for) via the tannoy system and people from work came to see us off. We were in the last wave to start. Riding through Bristol is like riding through different towns. I liked best Easton at 2 am. It was like being in an African town. All the shops and restaurants were open and the streets were full of people, men only by the way. Another highlight was cycling on the Downs. Interesting business was going on and my bright lights were not appreciated. Bristol has such different communities, from the very rich to the very poor and we cycled through all of them. At midnight we had a break at a graveyard, and we got lost cycling up a very long hill. Somehow one of the organizers found us and led us back on the right path which meant rolling down the hill and riding it up again on a parallel road (there and then Ali was close to loosing it). It was simply a grand night out. At least Dave and I have decided to do it next year again.

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