The Gower loop

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This loop is classified as a red ride in the Wales Mountain Biking book. In ideal conditions, like we had yesterday, it is a Bigfoot blue. In wet and windy conditions it would turn into a red since it is exposed almost all the time and it could turn into a mud fest. It starts with a climb from the car park, no chance of a warm up, but not too hard either. You are immediately rewarded by stunning views: on your right the north Gower, on your left the south Gower. Dan made the whole ride more interesting by choosing more technical single track options when they were on offer.  We both hyped ourselves up for a ‘red’ descent which had the ‘that was it?’ factor after we had done it. Access to the beach with bikes is not straight forward. We managed to carry the bikes down and washed the mud off our legs before we closed the loop. The only unpleasant bit was a bit of main road almost at the end of the ride. It was bank holiday weekend, the road was narrow and a lot of drivers seem to be quite eager to get somewhere. We finished the day off by stopping over in Cardiff to take our eldest out for dinner. He is a hard eating teenager and we were hungry from the ride. Needless to say that we stuffed our faces and could hardly move afterwards. This is a sweet ride. I can only recommend it.

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  1. Yeh, a great day out with a real holiday by the coast feel to it. Perfect conditions, great views and nice riding. Access to the beach was a bit difficult. Was tempted to “downhill” onto the beach into the midst of all the sun bathers, but didn’t want to scare all the little kids and upset the parents 🙂

  2. Would have loved to have joined you guys but on flea market duty at Malvern today looking wistfully along the hill line.

  3. Hey Bruce, if you fancy a Malvern hills ride we can have a chat about heading up there some time with the club. Not looking at doing high speeds with all the walkers, but it’s still a grand ride, potentially taking in North and South hills. Some climbing required though…

  4. Really fancied this one too & weather so good could see the Gower from clifftop campsite in North Devon!

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