HOTS 2016

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I am not sure how many Bigfooters took part. Dan and I met Katharine, Jane and Becky at the start. Laura and Matt helped us at the end to have a very nice cool down, including medical application of alcohol. The weather was brilliant: sun but not too hot. Dan and I decided to do the 75km this year. The first split was quite early and 10 min into the 75km in I had a quite big crash. On the first downhill bit a guy tried to squeeze past me without saying anything, got entangled in my handlebar and fell in front of my bike. I could only somersault over him, rolled perfectly and saw my bike flying past. The group riding behind us got really angry with the guy and everyone was eager to help me up. Fortunately the bike was not damaged and I was reasonably o.k.  But no skirts for me soon. With Daniel’s help I soldiered on and we finished the 75km. Some of the tracks were magic and made me forget that my right leg had turned stiff and was hard to bend. We were not the last to arrive at the finish. Laura and Matt met up with us to have food and we helped them to demolish their beer supplies. Great day out.

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  1. Bet the guy who crashed into Susanne felt like a right arse. He broke his helmet too.
    Good day out though. Hope Leon doesn’t notice I borrowed his bike 🙂

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