Hot off the press! (N.B. have you renewed your membership yet?)

May I present your NEW Bigfoot membership cards!

Please give us a few days (after the bank holiday) to get these filled in and sent out…

So we can save a few stamps, please let us know below if you can pick your card up from the May 16th monthly meeting. Or, if you’re able to distribute cards to other Bigfoot riders on our behalf.

Remember, you need this card to get all of the Bigfoot discounts and participating stores and venues. INCLUDING THE NEW FLYUP 417 DISCOUNT!


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  1. They’re looking good Steve. I’ll collect mine at the meeting on 16th.
    Everybody else – just a reminder that you have until midnight on 30th April to pay your membership renewal fee to be eligible for the prize-draw!

  2. All done .
    Must get a new shirt to match my posh membership card.
    Hmm but don’t they have different coloured sleeves??
    Hmmmm none of my previous B foot shirts or shirts I have owned had two different coloured sleeves
    Do you do odd socks to match lol.
    Here we go again lol.?

  3. Have the cards been sent out yet. If not sent yet I will collect at the meeting on 16th. Looking forward to getting it.

  4. The cards have been written, but not posted yet Paul S (keep running out of minutes). We have been handing them out on rides though, to try and keep the postage down. Great, see you on the 16th. Many thanks!!

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