Daffodil ride on the Daffodil weekend

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The ride did not start well. I thought the meeting point ‘old cinema in Gloucester’ was easy to find, but when I arrived there no one was in sight. 10:10 I rang home and said that I would quickly do some shopping and then ride locally. I did the shopping lightning fast and when I returned 10:30 to the car, Lou and Marie had found the car and then me. We started therefore with some delay. Nature still looks bleak, but the daffodils were out and it was daffodil weekend. Dymock, Oxenhall and Kempley had their daffodil walks on the same weekend ( a local scandal as Marie told us) and that was on our riding day. Disadvantages: traffic was substantial, lots of walkers on roads. Advantages: cake galore. Needless to say that resistance was futile. First we had coffee and tea at ‘Chez Marie’, a venue I can only highly recommend and then we fell for the cakes in Kempley church hall. The weather turned lovely and we took our time looking at stuff, especially daffodils. At the end we had done 67km because of detours.

Thanks, ladies for coming out. It was a very civilized ride 😉

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library at Upleadon

library at Upleadon

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