Stormy Cotswold Carrot

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Only the core team: Dan, Huw and myself, dared to brave the windy and cold conditions to do the Cotswold Carrot. Dan’s statement ‘It is only road’ did not ring true when we battled slippery mud and hefty gusts. Huw was literally blown off his bike. We had a ‘silent’ ride because we could not talk. The wind made too much noise and ripped the words from our lips. A civilized conversation was impossible. Most impressive was the noise generated by the overland power lines. They sounded like landing airplanes. We gave the coffee shop in Chedworth a miss, since by then we were caked in mud and did not feel like sitting outside. Still, or perhaps, because of the freak conditions, it was a good adventure again. Thanks, gentlemen, for coming out with the lady.

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  1. Well done all, it was seriously windy out there yesterday, not the ideal day to ride a mountain bike on the road!

  2. Yeh, nice ride, thanks guys! You captured some nice grimaces there Susanne! Not sure if that was due to gusty conditions or due to the spot of back pain I developed last week. 🙂

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