Not the Cotswold Carrot


After we all drove over flooded roads to the Royal George, we had a little huddle and decided that the conditions were too horrendous to do the Cotswold Carrot, especially since our good weather window was predicted to last only for three hours. Instead we did a variation of the Birdlip cross country loop from the Cotswold Mountain biking guide. The loop ‘should hold up well even in winter’, ahh, sort of. Positives: We had sun, except the odd hail shower, we had a very good time and lots of laughs. Negatives: It was muddy, muddy, muddy and Rob had a puncture, but he was in good hands. Marie, Katharine and I helped him. He hurt is thumb when his tyre lever slipped and after he was plastered up, he left it to the ladies to deal with the technical details of the puncture. Thank you team, for coming out today. We are brilliant!!!

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender IMG_1765

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  1. Awesome pictures Suzanne – they epitomize the spirit of mtb!!! Respect to everyone who rode today!

  2. Nice one guys. Remember with boggy bits the trick is to carry a bit of extra speed and to shift your weight around… Just kidding 🙂 but I could see how claggy the mud was when I gave Susanne’s bike a pre-clean, before she gave it the main clean… Yuk! Happy days.

  3. Whoa! That’s some serious mud. Mucho respect for riding / hiking in that! Nice winter bike there too Susanne, you will need to singlespeed that next…..

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