Huw’s Valentine’s date

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Huw was so lucky with the weather when he had his Valentines date with 6 lovely Bigfoot ladies. 6 of us met at Sainsbury’s in Stroud. The ride did not start too well. Within the first 2 km Lauren had two punctures. It was sunny, but cold. Some of us had to run up and down a little hill to keep warm whilst the second puncture was fixed. Fortunately, Caroline, who joined us in Minchinhampton, was not frozen to the spot when we finally arrived. The consensus of today was to avoid mud churning. We all had tales to tell about bike cleaning after last time. The headwind was quite strong on some stretches. And, as Marie noticed, the Cotswold plains are not flat. At the Daneway Inn we decided not to go back along the canal. The good weather had tempted a lot of walkers out of their hibernation and the canal path would have been busy. Instead we took the route via Bisley which was nice. Thanks, team, for coming out today. Great adventure in great company again.

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  1. Nice one guys. A sunny but fresh day. My eldest came back from Uni but he wasn’t up in time so we had a local Standish jaunt. I got a puncture too so that’s another tubeless conversion on the wait list. Keep it up and you’ll be racing past the hibernators when they eventually come out of their warm little underground holes, rubbing their sleepy eyes πŸ˜‰

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