February Committee Meeting – reporting back


Meeting held on 1st February, Royal William, Cranham.

  • Welcome – we all introduced ourselves – I’m not sure why, as we have all known each other for years – apologies, I was nervous!
  • Treasurer’s Report – We have £1039.89 in the bank; there are some liabilities still to be paid out. Thank you to CS and MR for passing on the information.
  • Club Constitution – DW talked about the possibility of the club having a written constitution to help keep us in line and organised with club systems and procedures. JA explained that quite a bit of relevant constitutional information is on the website introductory page. This matter led us on to item 4.
  • British Cycling Affiliation – Members discussed the possibility of affiliating to BC in the near future, as cycling’s governing body. We discussed the merits such as publicity through their website. We discussed how BC offer lots of useful club running documentation, such as model constitutions.  We discussed the similarities to CTC affiliation. Everyone agreed that it would be worth looking into and recognised the merits of affiliation. It was confirmed that CTC affiliation and BC are similar, especially with regard to ‘club’ insurance and crucially insurance cover for club officials, such as ride leads, whilst leading a ride.
  • Membership/Insurance – After a very lengthy and thorough discussion, members voted that membership would remain at £18.00 / annum. The club is covered by affiliation for ‘club’ insurance, but the club highly recommends that every individual rider organises his / her own insurance through either CTC or BC, and ensures no expiry of cover. ‘The Club’ will no longer administer the purchase of CTC third party insurance on behalf of individual members. You are responsible for your own third party liability insurance and as ever, the affiliation number for CTC is available for discounted individual rider insurance from CTC, at this time. Please be aware that MTBing is a dangerous sport full of risks and so personal third party liability cover is highly recommended, as is good practice, strongly advised by both CTC and BC.
  • Rides and Future Events – EW will be placing new rides and events, such as Velathon, and Wild Boar on the website.
  • New Members – a few new people have / are joining – current membership is 94.
  • Social Event – we think a social is being organised ‘as we speak’. 🙂 Beers in Cheltenham, rumour has it 🙂
  • Gift for Early Renewals – The club will offer 3 prizes from a prize fund of £250 – all early renewed members will be put into a prize draw for a prize. Early renewal is before end of April 2016.
  • Bike Repair Course – Tarmac and Trail are kindly offering a FREE bike repair course. SK is organising – more news to follow. Big thanks to Tarmac and Trail for this generous offer.
  • Club Photo– watch this space for a date and venue for a mass photograph 🙂
  • Webpage Updates – in hand SW and AM will be working on this.

Meeting closed at 9:30 p.m.

Thanks to all

Best wishes


Please email any items for the March meeting to chairperson@bigfootmbc.co.uk

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  1. Thanks Dom for that, looks like we came to a sensible common ground on the insurance. Aplogies for not making it, I had boring work stuff to do that need to take priority Monday night, all will be explained soon! See you all for a few beers!

  2. We bashed it all about, and pretty unanimous really but we’ve still got to ‘nag’ peeps to make sure they’re covered liability wise… I think the BC resources, should we affiliate in the near future, will be extremely helpful and supportive to the club.

  3. Yep, echoing Pete’s comments (let’s face it, you all knew where I stood on this debate!!).

    I, too, was otherwise committed on Monday night, so apologies retrospectively.

    Hopefully see you all soon.


  4. Thank you for writing up the minutes Dommie. I think i dozed off for a few minutes through the insurance debate LOL. Most memorable comment of the night, “I’m not sure what i voted for?”!! Hahaha. (It wasn’t me by the way)

    Gig, I’m going fling myself at your wheels next time I ride with you just to claim on your insurance. You do have insurance don’t you? 😉

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