Cranham Intro Ride

So after a pensive weather watch the Cranham Introductory Ride actually happened.  With a huge thanks to Adam and Mike for re-organizing  their Saturday plans five of us set off in the sleet actually forecast last Monday.  Fortunately it was was brief and cold hands and noses soon thawed out.  Newest member Juho and resilient roadie Ian had joined us for what turned out to be a very enjoyable two hours.  Adam skillfully kept us out of the ‘slop’ as we enjoyed a few runs few through Walkers and Popes Wood.  True to form I was the only one to eat dirt – on the golf course of all places after an over casual run off a mound.

Interestingly, the subject of Saturday rides got a discussion and we concluded that other halves and kids possibly make more demands on Saturday morning than any other time at the weekend so perhaps posting a few afternoon rides is worth a shot.

Looking forward to dryer trails and longer days perhaps I can complete a some rides North of Stroud upright and finally earn my cub-scout “Cranham Navigator” badge!!  In the mean time; forever in your debt Adam!

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  1. Great write up Bruce, it’s a shame we didn’t have more guys out for a try out, but we had fun regardless 😉

    I think Sat afternoons would work much better for me atm, would also mean I can get some much needed extra ride time…

    If we still have a list of some guys wanting to do a taster ride, I’d be happy to help out as required.


  2. We have writer in our mitts. Very well written Bruce! Big up to Bruce, Adam and Mike for taking care of business! Much appreciated dudes!!

  3. Thank you Bruce et al.

    Saturday afternoons are better for me, as I will be working between 10-12 for the next 5 Saturdays. /:

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