Stormy Cotswold Carrot

Only the core team: Dan, Huw and myself, dared to brave the windy and cold conditions to do the Cotswold Carrot. Dan’s statement ‘It is only road’ did not ring true when we battled slippery mud and hefty gusts. Huw was literally blown off his bike. We had a ‘silent’ ride because we could not […]

Huw’s Valentine’s date

Huw was so lucky with the weather when he had his Valentines date with 6 lovely Bigfoot ladies. 6 of us met at Sainsbury’s in Stroud. The ride did not start too well. Within the first 2 km Lauren had two punctures. It was sunny, but cold. Some of us had to run up and […]

Cranham Intro Ride

So after a pensive weather watch the Cranham Introductory Ride actually happened.  With a huge thanks to Adam and Mike for re-organizing  their Saturday plans five of us set off in the sleet actually forecast last Monday.  Fortunately it was was brief and cold hands and noses soon thawed out.  Newest member Juho and resilient […]

Not the Cotswold Carrot

After we all drove over flooded roads to the Royal George, we had a little huddle and decided that the conditions were too horrendous to do the Cotswold Carrot, especially since our good weather window was predicted to last only for three hours. Instead we did a variation of the Birdlip cross country loop from […]

February Committee Meeting – reporting back

Meeting held on 1st February, Royal William, Cranham. Welcome – we all introduced ourselves – I’m not sure why, as we have all known each other for years – apologies, I was nervous! Treasurer’s Report – We have £1039.89 in the bank; there are some liabilities still to be paid out. Thank you to CS and […]